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Take Me To The Fair

This past week marked the arrival of the 2013 WClub upgrade dolls.  Since the Poppy Parker “To the Fair” promotional shots were shown, anticipation for this one has been high.  The promotional shots did not exaggerate David Buttry’s fabulous work…this one’s a stunner.  Here is what we were expecting.

To The Fair! PP collage copy

Source:  Integrity Toys, Inc

And here is what arrived.



20130616-IMG_1153-Editwmsized 20130616-IMG_1151-Editwmsized

Feeling like a winner for choosing to preorder this one.  SmileExcellent work David!


Third WClub Exclusive Doll Revealed!

If you picked this year to join the WClub, give yourself a big pat on the back.  Integrity Toys revealed the third exclusive WClub doll to its club members and she is a humdinger!!  There is absolutely nothing about this doll that I am not in love with.  She has a dark auburn updo and cream skin tone ( used previously on Elise).  She is on an FR2 body and has hand applied lashes.  BEEEEautiful!



2013 W Club FR2™ Exclusive Dressed Doll

Limited Edition Size:  TBA

Special W Club Suggested Retail Price: $135.00

Estimated Shipping Date: Approximately Late Fall 2013

**Photos are property of Integrity Toys, Inc.**

FR2 Purity Dasha 3

FR2 Purity Dasha 5

FR2 Purity Dasha 6

FR2 Purity Dasha

Holy cow!!  The updo alone on this mahogany haired beauty is enough to open up the pocket book but the dress…oh my the dress.  This is so sculpted and refined…so unbelievably chic and fabulous.  AND…let us take a moment to look at the amazing price!   Since its inception, FR2 has not gone below $150 for a dressed doll.  Not only does Integrity offer up this stunning bit of loveliness but they dropped the price.



tumblr_mhg67r6n6G1r42zrgo3_250Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!

WClub Exclusive Victoire Roux Revealed

If you love 1950’s fashion, you will have much to be happy about in this offering.   The team at Integrity is giving the WClub a green eyed,  titian haired Victoire with new facial screening.  She is described as having “FR Caucasian skin tone”, hand applied lashes and “Ultra-Rich Red, Fully Rooted Hair”.

Monte Carlo Victoire Roux™

2013 W Club Exclusive Dressed Doll

Limited Edition Size:  TBA

Special W Club Suggested Retail Price: $125.00

Estimated Shipping Date: Approximately Fall 2013

New Victoire Roux logo
According to the write-up from Integrity, the coat is a deep pink velvet and has the elegant moniker of "grand manteau de soirée".  Hey…this lady is my kind of gal.  She comes with her own cocktail!  Martini’s anyone?!

Photos by  Integrity Toys, Inc. (

Monte Carlo Victoire Roux 1

Monte Carlo Victoire Roux 4

Monte Carlo Victoire Roux 5

Monte Carlo Victoire Roux 7

My first thought was…”I’m not totally lovin’ it”  I love the hairstyle and the fact that she is a redhead.  I am not sure of the facial screening yet.  I think my main problem is the  thin eyebrows ( totally agree with you there Hilda!).  Did she over pluck them?  I’m thinking…yes.  However, now that I think about it, it is definitely more high fashion 1950’s ( think Dovima, enough said).    Moving on from the eyebrows, I LOVE the coat, hat and little martini glass.  I am not loving the massive amounts of ruffles on the dress.  It looks like she might be wearing one(or possibly two…I lost count) cocktail waitress apron(s) too many.  That being said, I am still ordering her.  I see potential.  I also see inspiration from 1950’s Dior…what’s not to like about that?!


Photo Credit:  Vogue

New packaging too!

FR Nippon Box 外箱用紙提出_outline