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Photoshoot Friday – Rita Hayworth came to visit

I just received a OOAK repaint by Vincent Anthony and I am sooooo excited!!  I have admired this artist’s work for quite some time and I think the work is absolutely exquisite!  I tried to photograph this lovely lady in the photo studio but just could not get the soft dreamy Hollywood glam shots I was envisioning so I went to bed dejected last night.  Sometimes you just have to leave something and revisit it later with a fresher viewpoint.  Today, was very gloomy in the Pacific Northwest…I know…how unusual!  Anyway, just after lunch the sun appears out of nowhere.  An idea blooms.  I run upstairs to the doll room and quickly set up a foam board backrop and drape some white silky fabric over it.  The light coming in through the doors in the doll room at that time of day was perfect.  Here is the photo set up
Here are the resulting shots after photo editing.  This girl came to me with a considerable amount of flyaways so photoshoping was a MUST.  Even with that, I absolutely love this lady and this artist.  Can’t wait to own more of his work!!