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Barbie Models Designer Clutches

I am always on the lookout for Barbie photos being used in the fashion world.  It came as a complete surprise to run across these photos while researching another project so of course I had to share them here.  Did I miss these??  My apologies if everyone has already seen the photos.

Apparently Interview Magazine did a piece on spring designer clutch purses back in April and Ms. Barbie modeled the cream of the crop for Spring of 2012. 

** Photos are by Robie Fimmano for Interview Magazine**

Happy Birthday®, Ken® Barbie® Doll models Stella McCartney 

Interview Magazine and Barbie Stella McCartney

Vera Wang™ Bride: The Traditionalist Barbie® Doll models Alexander McQueenInterview Magazine and Barbie Alexander McQueen

Elvis® Barbie® Doll models LanvinInterview Magazine and Barbie Lanvin

Anemone Barbie® by Christian Louboutin models Bottega Veneta

Interview Magazine and Barbie Bottega Veneta

Bob Mackie Circus Barbie® Doll  models Bulgari

Interview Magazine and Barbie Bulgari

80’s Cher Bob Mackie Doll models Emilio Pucci

Interview Magazine and Barbie Emilio Pucci

Barbie® by Christian Louboutin Doll models Gucci

Interview Magazine and Barbie Gucci

AA 2011 Holiday Barbie™ Doll models Chanel

Interview Magazine and Barbie Chanel

Dolly Forever Barbie® Doll by Christian Louboutin models Christian Dior

Interview Magazine and Barbie Christian Dior

Fun photo shoot!


The Traditionalist by Vera Wang

I was able to get this beauty into the studio a few weeks ago.  I have had her deboxed and waiting for a number of weeks and just needed the right time to photograph her.  She has the sweetest face and the gown really needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate it.  There are layers upon layers to this dress.  You just can’t get that from the promotional photos.





Mattel and Vera Wang team up for another bride Barbie

I just love Bride Barbie’s.  I have not purchased every one ever made but I think I have most of the designer ones.  I think one of my absolute favorite vinyl Barbie’s is the Carolina Herrera bride Barbie.  Mattel and Vera Wang have collaborated on two previous bride Barbies

All photos are property of Mattel, Inc.

Vera Wang Bride 2003  vera_wang_2008

And now a third is set to come out this year.  Here she is…


Vera Wang Bride Barbie 2

Actual delivery date TBD.