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New Silkstone Sneak Peek…and a little more

Mattel released photos of a new 2012 BFMC Evening Gown Silkstone that will be available later this year.  She is a beautiful AA in a gorgeous pink and white confection of a gown.

***Photos are property of Mattel, Inc. ***

AA Silkstone

And….. I have heard from multiple sources that this is a sketch of another Silkstone coming in the fall of this year.


It’s a redhead in yellow gown with grey accents and grey gloves!!!  I believe this is indeed the doll that was sneaked in the picture with the drafting table that I blogged about in January( ).  AHHHHHH!  I am in complete and total love.  Putting my preorder in for these lovelies as I type this.

Possible inspiration for this gown??? –Dior Spring 2011 Couture.

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