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Loving Natalia

Here we are in the days preceding Valentine’s Day and I had a chance to photograph one of the new additions to the studio…Make Me Blush Natalia.  This doll is the second wave of the highly popular “Boudoir Collection” from Integrity Toys.  It’s designed by Jessy Ayala who is himself  a collector  and understands very well what his fellow collectors want.  His designs usually include accessories that go directly to the heart of what people like to collect.  This last capsule collection was no exception.

In 2019 pictures were released to WClub members…

©2019 Integrity Toys Inc.

©2019 Integrity Toys Inc.

©2019 Integrity Toys Boudoir Collection wave 2

Of the three dolls offered in this WClub lottery collection, Natalia in the middle came out as the big favorite. 

Make Me Blush
Natalia Fatalé™ Close-up Doll
The Fashion Royalty®
Boudoir Collection (Wave 2)
Expected Ship Date:
First week of December 2019
Special Member-Only Pricing: $135.00


Edition Size: 800
Head Sculpt: Natalia 2.0
Body Type: FR 6.0
Foot Sculpt: High-heeled Foot
Skin Tone: Japan
Hair Color: Strawberry Blond
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied
Quickswitch: No


©2019 Integrity Toys Boudoir Collection wave 2

This lucky collector was one of the lottery winners!!  I am so thrilled to have this one in my collection.  She photographs like a dream!!

©2020 Inside the Fashion Doll Studio-Loving Natalia

©2020 Inside the Fashion Doll Studio-Loving Natalia

©2020 Inside the Fashion Doll Studio-Loving Natalia

She is definitely giving off the Hollywood starlit vibe.  I adored photographing her and using this chaise lounge that I had repainted and have had forever ( pullip petite luxury furniture).  She is the perfect model to convey romance for any Valentine’s Day. 


©2020 Inside the Fashion Doll Studio-Loving Natalia



The pink ladies have tea

Thanks to a dear Barbie friend I was able to add City Smart Silkstone to my collection.  I just love this lady and she will show up often in my photos.  For those of you who have told me you never get to see City Smart redressed….this one’s for you. Winking smile


IMG_347303252011editedwmsized IMG_347703252011editedwmsized

For those of you who want more info on the details…this next bit is for you.

Models: City Smart Silkstone and restyled Tout de Suite

Pink dresses: James Bogue of Bogue’s Vogues

The Set

Display Cabinet and white/gold side table are 1:6 Bespaq from

Pullip Petit Luxury chairs repaited in gold

Pink Tea set found at a doll show in Washington State.

Cake stand:  Re-Ment Princess Tea Party #8 ( The princess’s favorite)

Treats on the stand: Re-Ment Special Cakes for me #7 ( Garden Party)

The background is foam core covered in gold moiré patterned wrapping paper.  Flooring is black and white checked contact paper on foam core.