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The Kardashian sisters as Barbies? Say it ain’t so!

Okay….let’s preface this by saying there has been NO OFFICIAL WORD from Mattel on whether or not this is true.  This could indeed just be some sort of PR test balloon Mattel is sending up to see what kind of market is out there for this.  Just the thought of it though is enough to get my undies in a bunch (and believe me folks….that just doesn’t happen every day! LOL!).  Normally I put myself in the very liberal category when it comes to doll design.  I mean when Toki Doki Barbie came out, I was just fine with the pink hair, tattoos and the leopard leggings.  It was a fashion statement and, in my opinion, did not constitute a negative reflection on the image of Barbie as a whole.  This, however, is different.

If this rumor is true and Mattel has partnered with this reality TV family of questionable morals (hey folks…I’m not making a judgment…it’s all out there for you to see every week if you are so inclined…I’m not), I think it will definitely put a serious dent in Barbie’s image.  I realize that the wording out there says that these dolls will be imaged as “Barbie’s friends” and not Barbie herself.  I even have a problem with that because frankly…these are girls I would not want my daughter hanging with. I don’t want my Barbie hanging with them either.  It’s such a puzzle to me because I can think of a many, many other  more suitable options for “Barbie’s friends’ than these profanity-slinging, sex-tape-starring, marrying-a-guy-as-a-publicity-stunt-then-divorcing-him-a-month-later kind of people. Is this really where doll design at Mattel is going for inspiration? The dank and sordid halls of reality TV? Just the thought makes me want to wash my hands….EWWWWWW!  It leaves me with the question….will we also be seeing Lindsay Lohan rehab #4 Barbie or a Charlie Sheen “I am a god” Ken?  Sorry Mattel…you have me scratching my head on this one.  Please tell us all that it is not true.

….and now back to our regularly scheduled content….Rebecca Rant is over….for now.