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Jason Wu and Integrity Toys partner with Montaigne Market

Is there any better way to help celebrate Paris Fashion Week?  Nope…I didn’t think so.  This stunning beauty will be available only through the Parisian boutique Montaigne MarketAccording to Integrity Toys, she will have an edition size of 300 and will be up for sale on Montaigne market’s website in early March.  No specific date is given.  Suggested retail is 150 Euro plus shipping and handling.  Montaigne Elise Jolie 1

image source: Integrity Toys, Inc

This one is straight from Jason Wu’s Spring 2014 RTW line

Jason Wu 2014 Spring RTWJason Wu 2014 Spring RTW 2

image source:

Montaigne Elise Jolie 2

image source: Integrity Toys, Inc

Montaigne Elise Jolie 4

image source: Integrity Toys, Inc

Montaigne Elise Jolie 3

image source: Integrity Toys, Inc

Montaigne Elise Jolie 5

image source: Integrity Toys, Inc

Montaigne Elise Jolie 6

image source: Integrity Toys, Inc

I Die!!!  Will be trolling the Montaigne Market website for this one definitely.  See the full article with Jason Wu about this here


Fashion Inspiration

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope this year will be full of new and interesting fashion doll news that we can talk about and share here.  Fashion Inspiration is always a fun thing to speculate on when a new set of dolls is released from Mattel or Integrity Toys.  There are some very good fashion sleuths in our collecting community that post possible inspirations for these new and old fashion dolls.  I don’t know if it is the history lover or the fashion lover in me that enjoys this information.  I guess it doesn’t really matter..I just think it is fun to see the possible inspiration that designers at Mattel or IT use to design a particular doll.

My friend Hilda of Bellissima Couture found a fashion and posted it on Pinterest the other day.  It was a dress by Jason Wu and I instantly recognized it.  It was a gown I had seen on a Fashion Royalty doll.  It was not surprising…given that Jason Wu designed the doll for Integrity Toys. 

Spectacular Fashion Inspirationwm_edited-1

Typically,  a doll is released and  I love to look  back in history at fashion shows of popular designers to see if I can spot an inspiration.   It started me thinking…Jason Wu started as a doll designer…was there inspiration coming the other way?  In other words, could we look back at previous doll designs and see inspiration for the amazing designer he was to become.  I think I may have found a few.

Jason Wu Power Play inspirationwm_edited-1

Haute luxuries inspirationwm_edited-1 copy

A Fashionable Life inspirationwm_edited-1 copy

Whichever way inspiration goes, from the fashion world to the doll design arena  or vice versa, that connection with fashion past and present is a big part of collecting for me.  It is so interesting to me to see how they influence each other. 

I am looking forward to another year of fashion inspiration and doll collecting.  I hope you are too Smile