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Bogue’s Vogues Vendredi

Oh yes…it is that time again.  Smile

Ever since a dear Barbie friend helped me obtain this Milan Boater Silkstone, I have been looking for the perfect purple dress to photograph her in.  Mr. Bogue was ,of course, obliging and I had to share.

Model and Earrings:  IDC Milan Boater Silkstone Barbie

Gown: Bogue’s Vogues

Gloves and Shoes:  Mattel





Bogues vogues Vendredi postcard


Milan Boating Season is Open

The Italian Doll Convention was held in Milan this past month and the reports from this event spell out a most fantastic time.  The reports are so glowing that I am seriously considering a trip to Milan next year to experience some of the fun.  Like the Paris Fashion Doll Festival, a variation of one of the BFMC’s Silkstone Barbies was given as the convention doll.  She is being referred to as “Milan Boater” and is a honey blond version of the 2013 BFC club doll “Boater Ensemble”

Source: Dutch Barbie World

boater enhanced resized_editedwm

Thanks to a very generous and lovely friend, I had the opportunity to obtain a “Milan Boater” and I love her.