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2016 Golden Globes: Pass the Ketchup and the Mustard

Weird title right?  Let me explain..  While there were many colors on the red carpet last night, I was surprised at the number of ketchup reds ( almost orange ) and mustard yellows.  Some of my favorite looks of the evening fell into these two favorite American condiment colors so I decided to go with it in the title.  It was quirky and fun. 

Pass the ketchup please!:

Jennifer Lawrence in a fabulous Dior with a stunning diamond choker.  Loved the cutouts in this gown.  One of my favorite looks of the night.

jennifer-lawrence in Dior From Eonline


Amy Adams in Versace.  Loved the detailing around the waist and down the side.

amy-adam-in Versace from Eonline



Emmy Rossum in Armani Prive.  Elegant and accessorized to perfection. 

emmy-rossum in Armani Prive from Eonline



Ketchup has expired!! :

Natalie Dormer in J. Mendel.  Ummmmm… time to lose the oxen like yoke around the throat.  Wrong, just plain wrong.

natalie-dormer_in J Mendel from Eonline


A little Mustard goes a long way:

Jennifer Lopez in Giambattista Valli.  This was the only mustard I was satisfied with last night.  Ms. Lopez rocked this one.  Let’s face it folks, not everyone can wear this color and you need a certain amount of attitude to do it.  She can and did it. 

Jennifer-Lopez in giambattista valli from popsugar


And…extra snaps to Ms. Lopez as she managed to make this dress look WAY better than it did on the runway for 2015 Fall Couture.2015 Fall Couture Giambattista Valli


Too much mustard!!!

America Ferrera in Jenny Packham. First of all, if the sales lady said this color looked good on you Ferrera…she was on commission.  Secondly, if you wanted to pull off matronly, this cut and style nailed it.  Not sure that was what she was going for. 

america-ferrera in Jenny Packham from Eonline


Lola Kirke in Marchesa. Does Grecian draping ever work in mustard yellow?  I’m not sure it does. I love Lola Kirke and I adore the show Mozart in the Jungle ( my favorite new show and so happy they won last night!!!) but this color and styling fell short on her.  Also, the shoes with pearl ankle straps does NOT belong in this picture. lola-kirke in Monique Lhuillier from eonline


Leaving the condiments behind, lets talk about the sequin love affair going on at last nights Golden Globes.

Brie Larson in Calvin Klein.   Congrats to Ms. Larson on her win for best actress last night.  She was Miss Golden Globe embodied in this gown.  If I had abs like her, I would want to show them off in a dress like this too.  I loved that she kept the hair and jewelry to a minimum.  The dress is bling enough..she didn’t need anything more.




Portia Doubleday in Naeem Khan.  Forget having to go to the disco, this lady brought the disco ball with her…in fact…she wore it to the party.  The cut was ok on this one but the overall shiny ( as in…can be seen from space) effect of the gown turned me off. 


source:  Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Kate Bosworth in Dolce and Gabbanna.  I like pink…but pink sequins?…to this extent?…not so much.  There is just way too much going on with this dress.  And let’s just state the obvious here people, this woman NEEDS a cheeseburger. 

Kate-Bosworth-in Dolce and Gabbana from Eonline



Julianne Moore in Tom Ford.  Can sequins look matronly?  Apparently Tom Ford can make that happen.  Was not feeling this look at all.

julianne-moore_in Tom Ford from Eonline



Bryce Dylan Howard in Jenny Packham.  And….apparently Jenny Packham can make sequins look matronly too!!  Tom, meet Jenny….Jenny, meet Tom.  Bryce is not 50 but she is kind of channeling it here. 

bryce-dallas-howard-in Jenny Packham from Eonline



Regina King in Krikor Jabotain.  I give you “Panic at the Disco”!!  They may be a band but this picture embodies that phrase.  What on earth?!!  Is she channeling a super hero with the cape?  To the designer:  Did you feel the cape would somehow elevate this sequined gone amuck sheath?  To the stylist: What did Regina ever do to you to have you do this to her?  To Regina:  Did you at least get to feel like a superhero in this getup?  In the indomitable words of one of my mentors…Edna Mode…”NO CAPES!”

regina-king_in Krikor Jabotian from Eonline



While sequins and plunging necklines were prevalent on the red carpet last night, The remainder of my picks and pans fell into the more understated category.  For example

When YSL works…

Saorise Ronan in Yves Saint Laurent Couture. Stunning on her!  She looked so elegant and regal compared to the disco walking down the carpet.  I loved that the hair, makeup and jewelry were very simple and elegant as well.  Nice work stylist!!

saoirse-ronan in YSL Couture from Vogue


When YSL doesn’t work….

Jane Fonda in Yves Saint Laurent .  And the cape/founce/16th century ruff/ ode to Mexican tile roofing around her neck was a good idea??  I believe the queens bed skirt that Helena Bonham Carter usually wears to awards shows was repurposed for this ensemble last night.  I refer to a comment made earlier…”NO CAPES!”Jane Fonda in YSL from Huffington Post



Jada Pinkett Smith in Versace.  LOVED this look on her from head to toe.  Gorgeous!

jada-pinkett-smith in Versaace from Eonline



Laverne Cox in Elizabeth Kennedy.  New Designer Alert!!!  Elizabeth Kennedy folks.  She had two very strong looks walking the red carpet last night.  We will be seeing this woman’s work again on the red carpet I am sure.

laverne-cox-in Elizabeth Kennedy from Vogue



Lady Gaga in Versace.  Well hello Ms. Monroe!!  Didn’t think the hips needed to be exaggerated that much but a small negative in the overall beauty of this look.  Beautifully styled and worn by the talented Ms. Gaga. 

lady-gaga_in Versace from Eonline



Lily James in Marchesa.  A lovely ode to a Grecian urn and another example of how less is definitely more sometimes.  The stylist showed restraint and the overall look is better for it .

lily-james_in Marchesa from Eonline



Can’t wait to see what the rest of awards season with bring down the carpet.  Winking smile


2015 Golden Globe Red Carpet

Ah yes…it is indeed that time again….award show season.  That means a whole new set of fashion picks and pans from Inside The Fashion Doll Studio. 

While the awards may have been golden, the red carpet fashions were every color but gold.  White and silver were particularly favored.

My favorite white of the evening was Kate Hudson in Versace Atelier.  Simple with a little bling and classic lines.  Gorgeous!



and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Narciso Rodriguez



My favorite silver was Diane Kruger in Emilia Wickstead

Diane Kruger in Emilia Wickstead eonline


Although Julianne Moore needs an honorable mention here with her lovely custom ombré hemmed Givenchy Haute Couture gown.



My favorite blue was Julia Goldani Telles in Carmen Marc Valvo

Julia Goldani Telles in Carmen Marc Valvo eonline


Heidi Klum stunned in my favorite red number of the evening.  Versace

Heidi Klum in Atelier Versace eonline


Christine Baranski pulled off another fabulous deeper burgundy red and my favorite Zac Posen of the evening.



Jessica Chastain channeled her 1940’s glamour queen yet again to pull off the best darker hued gown  with a chocolate metallic plunging v-neck by Atelier Versace.



And Amy Adams rounds out my favorite picks in this dusty blue Grecian confection by yet again…Versace.  Looks like someone unfortunately dragged the hem through a puddle.  Note to assistant for next year…keep the train up!




There was a broad range of colors in the “not so great” department as well.

First up…an outfit that would have been more comfortable at Comic-Con than at the Golden Globes.  All she needs is some Princess Leia ear buns and a turbo blaster and you would have an extra in the next Star Wars installment.

Jemima Kirke in Rosie Assoulin



My least favorite red look of the night: Lena Dunham in Zac Posen…again.  This one doesn’t work any better than all the other Zac Posen red carpet looks she has worn.  Let him go Lena…let him go.531169445RJ00182_72nd_Annua


I know Keira Knightley is pregnant and I am guessing she has been having a craving for butterflies and birds.  This empire waist number from Chanel should have stayed in the Pride and Prejudice costume closet that it came from.  The butterfly corsage was just …well…my good friend Hilda has a saying… “That aint right” {said with a deep southern drawl}.

Keira Knightley in custom Chanel eonline


Does Giambattista Vali have a bath mat fetish when it comes to red carpet looks?  This year the purple bath mat got cut up for the award season.  Last year it was a red one.  Lupita Nyong’o can rock just about anything…except a cut up bath mat on her chest.



Congratulations to Ruth Wilson for her Golden Globe win last night.  Unfortunately her stylist did not get the win with this sleeveless mock turtleneck green Prada gown.  What’s with the seam right across the cr… know what I’m talking about.  Is it a hidden pocket?  Ummm….NOT a good place for a pocket.  Her expression seems to say, “Yeah, my stylist made me wear this…get me a whisky.” 



More fun coming up with the Oscars next month Smile