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We have a new look!!

You may have noticed over the past week that we have a new look at Inside The Fashion Doll Studio.  One of the best things about this world of doll collecting are the people that you meet through this hobby.  It has been my extreme pleasure to meet and talk with some immensely talented individuals.  My friend Matty is one of them.   We struck up a friendship through our mutual love of doll collecting and photography.  Matty has a particular talent for graphic design and he graciously agreed to design a new header logo for my little blog.  I LOVE it! 

Matty has a blog called Fashion Doll Foto where he shares some very useful tips on photographing your dolls as well as showcasing some fabulous photos of his collection.  You can find it here .  It’s also on my blog roll on this page.

Thank you, Thank you Matty for being so generous with your talent!  “Mwuah!”