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Diorama Finds

I purchased a couple of things that I wanted to pass on to people.  Halloween is just around the corner and I know many collectors are into that gothic look and feel.  Someone on Doll Divas posted about a set of black gothic chairs a while back ( sorry I can’t find the original post) and I decided to check them out.  I was a bit skeptical about the sizes but I gambled and won on this one.  They are , in my opinion, the right scale for 1/6 fashion dolls.


You can find these beauties at the Victorian  Trading Company.

They cost $49.95 so that works to $16.65 per chair.  I don’t feel that is exorbitant for three 1/6 scale chairs.  They are made of resin so kind of heavy but not too bad.  One of the kind of cool features is that they have a hanging hook on the back so you could put them on the wall.  It’s kind of an interesting display idea don’t you think?!  I may have to try that one.  Also, it looks like these could be painted as well so there you go.  A big “Thank You” to whoever posted this link on Doll Divas!

While I was perusing my recent Pottery Barn catalog I ran across something interesting.  I am all about Christmas décor planning right now so I was looking at the new ornaments coming out.  They had the most adorable bottle brush dogs as ornaments.  I looked at the sizing and thought  “Hey, I bet those could be really cute as diorama pets!”. 


It’s an Airedale!!  I Had to have it.||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_–_-


And a Cocker Spaniel ..||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_–_-


And a Poodle!||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_–_-


They run from $8.50 to $10.50 a piece.  I was really, really tempted to get the St. Bernard one too but you just have to stop somewhere.  The beauty of these are, they will grace my Christmas tree during the holidays and then grace my dioramas and pictures for the rest of the year. 



Happy Weekend!


Getting Crafty at ITFDS

So what is Rebecca doing this week?  She is having WAY too much fun with the glue, florist foam and needle and thread is what.  I decided to do a little pictorial tutorial ( Hey!!  it rhymes!)  on the daffodils and tulips I did for the previous photo shoot.

I found the little clay pots at my favorite garden store but I think you can get them at Michaels or JoAnne’s as well.  Tangential thought…are all craft stores someone’s name?…Michael, JoAnne, Ben Franklin…Anyone know?  Anywhooo…onward…  Take your pot, fill it with something to hold the flowers.  I use florist wet oasis/ foam because it is easy to cut and it molds to any shape.   I usually have it on hand to do floral arrangements but you can use whatever you have on hand.  Many people use clay as well.   I cover the foam with black paint and while the paint is still wet, I sprinkle coffee grounds on the foam allow it  to adhere then shake off excess.  Yes, this floral arrangement will smell like coffee for a while.  You can use loose packed tea as well for a different look and smell.  You may need to send the tea leaves through a sifter to get them to a small enough scale.




I cut pieces off of a random piece of greenery I had purchased at a craft store for the daffodils.  For the tulips, I used leaves I had purchased at a craft store ( usually in the wedding section with boutonniere supplies).  The pink paper tulips were sent to me by a friend from Holland ( love ya!) and the daffodils are another story.  They are fabric flowers and not paper.   I found them in a bundle at Ben Franklins(yet another craft store named after a person)  about a year ago.  Originally, the orange part was a full flower.  I decided to sew the flower closed to get a trumpet and voila!…daffodil.  I think it was just plain luck that it was in the right scale.


I am currently in LOVE with an Etsy shop called miniCHAIR (  I purchased a shabby chic table with two chairs a week ago and loved it so much I had to get the hutch to go with it.  The prices are reasonable ,in my opinion, for  the 1/6 scale market.  They ship super fast and pack things well. 

I have also been busy with more paper minis.  LOVE the Laduree boxes.