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Dark Swan Elise dons a day suit

Now try to say the title of this post five times quickly {snort}.  I almost made the title “To my props…How do I love thee, let me count the ways.”  I seem to be using these busts quite a bit but oh well.  People often ask me about the lighting I use in my photos and I thought it would be fun to show these photos because the shots that came out the best ( In my opinion, and that of my partner in crime and in house tech support…the husband) are actually the ones that used the least light.  They used the least number of photography lights but were placed in such a way as to add drama and texture to the shot.  I am forever changing lights around as I shoot something because I want to see what else I can get to come out on film.  I love how the low lighting shows off the angles on the face of this Elise.  I will also admit to adding some vignetting on the full length shot. 

Model:  FR2 Dark Swan Elise

Suit and Purse:  Fashion Royalty Foreign Affair

Shoes: FR2 shoe pack from 2011 FR convention

Hat:  I could tell you but you wouldn’t believe me



Okay so hat is really a scrapbook embellishment. Smile