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The Quick Switch

So….yesterday I posted photos of what was believed at that time to be images of the 2016 BFMC exclusive doll.  It was was advertised in the BFC ad posted on the Barbie Collection website.  Here is/was the entire Ad.

©2016 Mattel

As of today….this ad has been changed.  To this…

©2016 Mattel

Notice anything different?  Yeah…me too.

©2016 Mattel

Not that I’m complaining mind you about the opportunity to get a better doll than the badly done blue suited City Chic Suit, but how do we feel about this quick switch without any notice or explanation?  I’m not sure I like that.  It kind of makes me feel that when I sign up for the BFC and give them my membership fee, I’m not really 100% sure what I’m going to get because they have shown they can and will change what they advertised when I bought my membership.  Holy cow!!  My consumer red flags are at full mast.   Is it ok to substitute?  Is it ok to substitute without any warning or explanation?  I think not.  This feels like another black and white vs. grey area in advertising to me.  This is certainly NOT the way to build trust with your customers.  Yikes!  What is happening to our beloved BFMC???  Sound off people….what do we think?