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2016 BFMC Articulated Silkstone Sneaked

This is not an official sneak from Mattel but it is all over the internet and social media so I am going to share it here.  This was first reported by my very fine friend and fellow blogger Rogier of Dutch Barbie World.  Zlatan Zukanovic posted some amazing and beautiful photos on his Instagram account a few days ago of what appear to be the first articulated Silkstone.  Her face is adorable!!

©2016 Zlatan Zukanovic

©2016 Zlatan Zukanovic

©2016 Zlatan Zukanovic

Gorgeous right?!!  Then…this afternoon…guess what shows up on Ebay!



Original listing is here.  Not a word from Mattel, not a sneak, not a whisper.  I find this very interesting and I also question the sales hype of the BFC where they tout that the club is “a passionate collecting community with unparalleled access to the world of Barbie”.  Yes, the collecting community is unparalleled in this arena but I am no longer sure how much of that is due to Mattel.  It seems that more and more we are finding and receiving information from sources other than Mattel.  Perhaps this is just the way things go with social media being the way it is or…perhaps this is just a marketing team that doesn’t really seem to know what they are doing.  Either way, it looks like reaching out and watching things like Instagram, Ebay and Facebook are the way to get information going forward.  Love the photos that Zlatan did so it is not a chore to look at his lovely photos whenever he posts.  Bonus!

When this beauty is available….I’m buying!!  Smile