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Fashion and the Awards Shows

It’s that time of year again.  Time for every stylist and stylist wanna be to get ready for the red carpets of awards season.  When I am setting up a photo shoot, I like to think of myself as a 1/6 stylist.  In that vein, I must admit that I am obsessively interested in the fashions and styling displayed on the red carpets of award season.  The night after a major award show, I can be found going over the photos and giving my opinion of this fashion or that.  I shared my picks and pans of last years Golden Globes and readers enjoyed it so I decided to try again this year.  I am getting started early with some picks and pans from The Critic’s Choice Awards and The People’s Choice Awards.

There is much to like in fashion and styling so far this award season……

1) Ms Anne Hathaway or rather…her stylist Rachel Zoe.  She was a feast for the eyes at the Critics Choice Awards in this gorgeous and as yet unseen Oscar de la Renta beaded gown.  That’s right folks…I believe this is a never before seen Oscar de la Renta design…not seen for 2013 Pre-Fall or 2013 Spring RTW or even 2013 Resort.  Rachel Zoe certainly has some pull for her celebrity clients .   Let’s hope, for her sake and the eyes of all the retinal seared photographers,  she was wearing her undergarments this time. Smile 

Anne Hathaway

2) Emily Rossum at the Critics Choice Awards.  So fresh and flowing.  Perfect choice for her and the red carpet.Emily Rossum in Carolina Herrera copy

3) Jennifer Lawrence at the Critics Choice Awards.  I love how fierce this design is and how strong this actress presents herself.  You go girl!!  Love the simple accessories and fresh makeup. 

Jennifer Lawrence in Prabal Gurung copy

4) Eva Longoria at Critics Choice Awards.  I love the color and femininity of this design. 

Eva Longoria in Monique Lhuillier copy

And 5) Julianne Hough at People’s Choice Awards.  Does this woman EVER look bad in anything??!!  I don’t believe I have ever seen her looking..well..say a little tired or haggard or like she grocery shops at Safeway.  Love this sparkly and fun number from Tony Ward.  It fits beautifully with the fun sassy hair and fresh faced makeup.  It is just plain fun and perfect for the People’s Choice Award.  This dress and styling gets my vote!

Julianne Hough in Tony Ward Couture copy

Now for some of the “Huh?!!!” moments….

1)  This has to be one of my all time biggest “Huh??!!!” moments while viewing the red carpet photos.  Elle Fanning is an absolutely adorable and gorgeous young woman.  I don’t know who styles her but they need to seriously consider a career change.  Oh my word!!  Did the stylist get up that morning and say “ I am going to put Elle Fanning in a shower curtain.” ??  I know, I know..but it’s a Chanel shower curtain.  I don’t give a rip.  It didn’t look good on the runway, IMHO, and it doesn’t look any better on poor “caught in the shower” Elle.  Oh…and don’t’ even get me started on those shoes!!  I think my Grandma had a pair…in 1970.

Elle Fanning in Chanel copy

2)   I love Amanda Seyfried.  God bless her..she went with whatever the stylist had laid out for her.  The first red flag here is that the runway model had football “eye black” on when strutting down the runway in this number….never a good omen.  Secondly, this gowns best side ( if it indeed has one) appears to be shown in movement.  Excellent when moving down a runway…not so excellent when you are forced to stand and pose in front of hundreds of shutterbugs on a red carpet.  When it comes to accessorizing, there is minimal and then there is non-existent.  Did the stylist run out of time??!!  The color of the gown is good…I will give it that and only that.Amanda Seyfried in Maricos Schwab copy

3) Sally Field….what happened??!!  Did you have to come to the Critic’s Choice Awards straight from the office?  I know this is more of a casual affair but not THAT casual.  The hair and makeup are fantastic!!  The dress… a little too Ann Taylor office dressy for me.  Sally Field

The Golden Globes are tonight….will have more picks and pans for you tomorrow Smile