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The Agony of “Sold Out”

We have all been there.  Something we really want sells out before we get a chance to buy it.  In the doll collecting community, it seems to be happening more often lately.  Case in point, two dolls that I wrote about previously have sold out rather quickly.

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Sold out

Many collectors, it would seem (if talk on the doll boards is a good gage of distress), were caught unaware.  It got me to thinking…why does this seem to be happening more often lately?  Is it because there are more collectors all of the sudden?  More likely, it is the toy companies like Mattel and Integrity Toys figuring out that very tricky supply/demand line and managing it more prudently.  Let me clarify that these “sold out” signs are coming up at and not necessarily at all of the dealers and here is my thought.  Perhaps Mattel is limiting the supply on their site so as to drive more traffic to their dealer sites.  I think this would be a really good thing as I have always thought the dealers kind of get shafted when Mattel’s product is so readily available on the Barbiecollector site.  What incentive do buyers have to go through a dealer if they can get it directly from Mattel?  It never made sense to me why Mattel would undercut their own dealers. I really like to see the dealers getting some highly anticipated dolls in first..before Mattel’s site.  It makes sense to me that the dealers should get some perks and the customers who support these dealers should get it too.   I love supporting the local dealer because it feels like you are supporting one of your “tribe”.  Typically these local dealers are collectors just like us and it is not only a pleasure to get to know them but it just feels good to support their business. 

Okay, my plug for the local dealer is done. Smile  On to other business…like the next possible “sold out” doll.  Tomorrow Mattel will have this lovely lady on their site  available for purchase and the news I am getting from various dealers is that she is flying off the shelves.  She has been available from dealers for the past week.  It was a bit surprising considering her whopping price tag but a silkie collector I have to say…she is a must have.  I think sooner rather than later should be the mantra on this one…she may be gone before you know it.

 Limited Edition of no more than 6500 worldwide.



For the Vintage Barbie Collector…Let’s Play Barbie

I am not a vintage Barbie collector but I certainly admire those who are.  You will not meet a more Barbie knowledgeable group than vintage Barbie collectors.  Mattel announced at Barbiecon that they would be releasing a Barbie reproduction set that would give you a choice of three different hair colors of a vintage reproduction Barbie and you would get 4 vintage reproduction outfits with it.  This set was a huge crowd favorite at the Mattel preview at convention and now it is finally available to order.  This set was designed by the very talented and fellow collector..Mattel’s Bill Greening.  The set retails for….ready for it….$175.00.  I guess you have to look at the fact you are getting 4 outfits and the doll in vintage reproduced packaging.   This price may put it out of many collectors price range but it sure does look like a fabulous set and a must have for any vintage reproduction collector.  I am considering this set. 

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If you are a collector of or just a lover of vintage Barbie….it’s time to play.  For more information on this product and how to order please visit at