Barbie for big girls.

How did two weeks slip by????

I had every intention of keeping content fresh on this blog…alas…life usually has a different idea.  I will generally try my best to add new content every week but as a mother of a tween and a teenager, my time seems to be dictated by the social calendar of these two young adults.  My day and sometimes night job it appears is chauffer and social/activity secretary. 

I did, however, find some treasures in the last week via Craigslist and wanted to share.  I love to collect Robert Best Barbie prints but I started late in the game.  I had always wanted to find Delphine and In The Pink but wanted them at a reasonable price.  I have seen them from time to time on ebay but they always sell way above what I considered “reasonable” .  I just happened to be checking Craigslist the other day and noticed someone was selling these prints.  It was my first Craigslist experience and I came out with some very lovely framed prints for a very good price.  




I am working on some photos today so hopefully will have new content soon…unless my day job turns crazy again Winking smile.


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