Barbie for big girls.

Ekaterina arrives in the Fashion Doll Studio

Robert Best has designed a new line of dolls for the BFMC inspired by Russia and Russian fashions.  The first one into the doll studio is Ekaterina.  She is exclusive to the Barbie Fan Club .  I am always a sucker for any doll with red hair.  When I saw the promo pictures, I knew this lady would be destined for my doll room and The Fashion Doll Studio.  Upon arrival, I was not impressed.  In her coffin of a box, she appeared very pale and the hair was not the riot of curls the promo picture would indicate.  That being said, I decided to debox and am very glad I did.  This is definitely a lady that needs to be DEBOXED to reach her full potential.  I did have to finesse the hair a bit to get the fuller look…more curls not one big curl on either side of the head.  The hat….not the best but I can deal.  I foresee a hatless model in the future but for now it will stay on her beautiful head.  I am a little afraid of the hat hair situation under there.  The bracelet was a surprise because I was expecting the same bracelet as D2D and Preferably Pink but it is slightly different – yeah!  The brooch on the hat is beautiful.  The outfit is similar to JNSQ but not too close.  The boots people…are…. TO DIE FOR.

I had some fun with my macro lens in the photo shoot so I was able to get some great up close shots.  Hope you enjoy.


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