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Barbie is in Sports Illustrated

…for their annual swimsuit issue.  The “body image” talk is already starting.  I have a question for people claiming that impressionable young girls are getting a bad body image from this doll.  If girls are getting their body image from a toy….aren’t there bigger issues involved here?  Should we blame the toy for that?  I liked to play with GI Joe when I was younger too.  Did that give me a tuff guy body image?  Did I think I could become the next Jean Claude Van Damme?  I am just asking. 

Obviously, I don’t belong to the camp that believes Barbie is the root of these so called “ body issues”.  I played with Barbie, my nieces played with Barbie, my daughter played with Barbie…not a bad body image displayed in any one of them.  As far as I can tell, they are happy, well adjusted , successful, articulate and confident young woman.  I am not judging or invalidating anyone’s point of view here.  I am simply adding my data points to this issue. 


Body issues aside, the folks at Sports Illustrated and Mattel have teamed up for what looks to be a fun SI issue.  Here are a few stills.


source:  Sports Illustrated


source:  Mattel


source: Sports Illustrated

There is also an adorable video of the behind the scenes with veteran SI photographer Walter Loos.  I had to watch it a few times just to drool over all the equipment.  You have to give this guy credit…he was a really good sport about it.

If you like this doll, you can order her from target here