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New Sneaks!

Mattel has finally released photos to verify the Grace Kelly Trousseau Silkstone giftset and the new Silkstone Francie is finally revealed.

It looks like the photos that showed up on a retail site earlier this year were accurate.  The Grace Kelly trousseau giftset will have the floral gown she met Prince Rainier for the first time in and the navy coat, dress and white hat that she wore on her honeymoon.  I am really excited for this set to be available.  It appears that the Hermès Kelly bag that was originally going to be with it will NOT be included.  That is a bit of a bummer but oh well.  I could understand  that Hermès is most likely not willing to let that be copied even if it was in 1/6 scale.   It would have been perfect though.


This Grace Kelly Silkstone set should be available in October and will retail for around $160.00

Silkstone Francie is finally revealed


Okay….I admit….I have never been a big Francie fan.  This lady, however, is CUTE!  She will be coming home to my collection.  LOVE the little dog with her.

She is scheduled to arrive in September and will retail for around $90.00