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An Updo Hair Tutorial

Over a year ago, a very nice woman wrote to me and asked if I would share some tips on a certain hairstyle I had done.  I was all enthused to do a hair tutorial and had every intention of posting the information.  Well…of course…I never got around to posting it.  My bad!  While at the recent Fashion Royalty convention in Chicago, I met a very lovely woman from France and yes…you guessed it….she was the one who had originally asked for information on how to do a certain hairstyle.  Now, having met this person face to face and having promised to post a tutorial, I hereby dispatch my duty LOL!

And for the lovely Rebecca V. from Paris, this one is for you . Merci beaucoup pour votre patience en attendant que cette information.

Here is a photo of the restyled table dolls I gave at the last Barbie Convention:


*** A word of caution about this tutorial.  Once I do the dolls hair in an updo, it is not coming down.  It is a permanent hairstyle change.  If you are looking for temporary hairstyle changes, this is not the tutorial for you. **  Also…it is highly recommended to practice on a less expensive vinyl doll first.  I practiced on some older playline dolls of my daughters before I tackled the Silkstones.

I use the following products when I restyle doll hair:


1.  Firm Hold Hair Gel

2. brush and rat tail comb

3.  Straight pins ( nickel plated…so far no reaction with Silkstone vinyl)

4.  Small clear rubber bands

5. A thimble


First, I liberally apply the gel to the section of hair that I will be styling and rubber band it at the top/back of head.


Then I put a rubber band about an inch and 1/2 down from the other rubber band and leave a small section out from the right side of the hair bundle.  This will be used to cover up the rubber band …you will see what I mean.


Next, I pull the section of hair around the rubber band…..


The gel will help keep it in place for a bit but I try to hold it there while I work on the rest.

The next step is the one that normally bothers people…yes…I cut the hair.  Please avert your eyes if you can’t handle it.

IMG_2947editedresized IMG_2948editedresized

Once the hair is cut, I fold it forward towards the face.   Notice that piece of hair that I left out of the bundle is wound around the bottom rubber band and hanging off to the right side of the dolls head.


Fold the hair forward, concealing the ends of the hair under the bundle.


Hold firmly and insert pin on top of hair bundle.  I use a thimble to push the pin down into the head.

IMG_2951editedresized IMG_2952editedresized

I usually use 3-5 straight pins for this updo but you may need more or less depending on the doll and the amount of hair.  I put one in the middle and one a little bit to the left and right.  Keep in mind that if you are working on a Silkstone head, you will need to use a fair bit of force to get that pin in her head.  I highly recommend a thimble if working with Silkstones.


Once you have put in enough pins and the hair is staying up on it’s own without you holding it, you can take care of the section of hair that should still be hanging out the back from where you covered the rubber band.


I use very sharp small sewing scissors for this .


Then I fix the end of the cut hair with a dab of hair gel to “glue” it in place.


Et Voilà!

finished product

I usually spend a few minutes snipping stray hairs and smoothing bumpy hair with the hair gel if needed.

I typically finish the hairstyle with a very fine mist hairspray.  Make sure you protect the dolls face when you spray as some sprays can affect the face paint or finish.

IMG_2931editedresized  IMG_2965editedresized

Here are some of the ladies hanging out while they dry after I sprayed them.


Hope this helps explain it!  If there are any questions, feel free to contact me…otherwise, have fun styling those ladies.