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Poppy Breaks Out

Hello intrepid followers.  It feels like every time I try to get to the blog something blocks the path.  For the past month and a half it’s been mother nature and a pesky furnace that just doesn’t want to get with the program.  While snow is beautiful and it turns the studio into one big snow globe…it it isn’t heated, its no fun to be in there.  After some very stern language and a good furnace doctor…we are back in business in the studio. 

I took delivery of some new backgrounds recently for another product photography project and realized they work really well for doll photography as well.  The company is called Replica Surfaces.  They are kind of pricey for doll photography but might be worth the investment if you want easy to set up and sturdy.  I am not being compensated at all for this plug.  Just passing on information on a product that I have enjoyed using.

New doll in the studio!!  I recently received Rendez Vous in Rio Poppy Parker from the Mission to Brazil Poppy Parker collection.  The second I got her, I saw her in green.  I had recently seen a stunning Vanity Fair cover of Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong'o

And I was inspired by a dress by Rimdoll on Etsy.  Here is the product of that inspiration and a newly warm studio.

©2020 ITFDS-Poppy Breaks Out

©2020 ITFDS-Poppy Breaks Out

©2020 ITFDS-Poppy Breaks Out

And because I was having fun with Photoshop, I decided to do some color variations including an early Valentines Day image.  Hope you enjoy.

©2020 ITFDS-Poppy Breaks Out

©2020 ITFDS-Poppy Breaks Out

Thank you all for you patience!  Looking forward to warmer days and a better relationship with my furnace.  I guess you could say we are currently in therapy .Winking smile