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The “Allure” of Fashion Royalty Monograms

Allure….as a noun it means “ a highly attractive quality”.   As a verb it means  to “ attract powerfully”. 

I have to admit….when I first saw this beautiful lady at the IDEX reveal….I was going to pass.  The promo shots just did not do it for me.  I felt the Marilyn Monroe vibe but the big cape was not something I was looking for.  I decided to go ahead and buy her because I thought I could sell her if I didn’t like her when I got her.  I am so glad I purchased her because she is one of those in real life ladies that blew the promo shots out of the water.  As I was photographing this lady, I could  not believe how well she translates on to film so I was even more surprised that the promo shots did not do this lady justice.  She is fire and ice all the way.  LOVE HER! 

I feel honor bound to state that I was completely enabled and inspired by JennFL’s  photos on Flickr of this lovely lady so please check out her photos at

Revlon did a campaign in the 1950’s and I and others believe it was the inspiration behind this gorgeous lady and gown.


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Model, gown and jewelry:  Fashion Royalty Monogram “Allure”

Note**  she does not come with the diamonds pictured ….bummer!20120323-IMG_8600-Editwmedited

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