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The Holidays are Coming to the Studio….

I have always loved the holidays.  Ever since I was little, this time of year never fails to fill me with excitement and joy.  When my kids were younger, it was just mostly me and my husband doing the massive holiday decorating and while it was a huge task, I loved every moment.  Now, my kids are older, and we all participate in “dressing up the house” for the holidays.  I love that both my kids get excited when they see furniture being rearranged and spaces being made for the Christmas trees.  My daughter was jumping up and down after ballet class ( her classes are all bar work right now so she is not real excited after class) yesterday as she knew we would be putting up the Christmas trees that evening.  It makes me feel blessed that I could help to pass on the joy and excitement of the season to my kids.

The next three weeks will be filled with decorating for the holidays at Casa Berry.  This activity culminates in a holiday tea that my friends and I hold for a group of about 60 ladies.  A big part of the tea is a tour of the doll room and all the lovely stories and conversations that this room inspires.  Most every person has a Barbie story or experience to share.  There are usually fashion things to discuss as well and the “ If I were going out, I would wear that.” conversations.  I will be sharing photos of the doll room as it gets dressed up for the holidays and will share a few photos of the holiday tea as well.  For now, I will share the first few photos of holiday inspired themes.

Model:  FR2 Most Wanted Elise ( Fashion Royalty Jet Set Convention Collection)



And my vision of this photo as a holiday card Smile

IMG_693211042011editedwmsizedwords copy


I love this Elise!  She has a softer color palette than previous Elise’s.  I also really love the direction Integrity Toys and their designers are taking in jewelry design.  The necklace and earrings that came with this lady are fabulous.