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Christmas in June!

The Poppys have landed….I repeat…The Poppys have landed!  I received a wonderful box yesterday and it feels like Christmas in June. 


Ahhhhhh….don’t you just love that new doll smell.




First out of the box was “Isn’t it Romantic”7184357005_b799562f85_c

Second was “ Miss Fairchild”



Saved the best for third….”Most Sophisticated”



Ahhhhhhhh!  She is just as gorgeous…maybe even more so ….than her promo pictures.  Complete and total love.


“The Chauffer’s daughter” ended the Poppy parade.



Tooooooo cute!

I also received FR2 Tatyana



So much to contemplate, it’s hard to know what to debox first…..

“Most Sophisticated” won hands down.   Just removed the pin from her hat and adjusted it lower and she was good to go.  This set is Amazing!  And the luggage!!!  Don’t even get me started on the fantastic luggage LOL!



Tatyana came out of the box second

Oh my those cheekbones!  Must get her into the studio ASAP.   My fingers are itching for my good camera and my light boxes.




Isn’t it romantic has some hair issues so she needs a few adjustments before her photos.  Thought I would share what I do for “hair adjustments”.  I like to have bangs lie flat against the head and not floating off the forehead so I slather it with gel and “train” it down with some ribbons.  This is a picture of what I mean



In 24 – 48 hours it should be set.  And the bangs will hopefully lie flat against her head and the back will lie close to her neck.  Will have to see how it turns out.


IDEX Integrity Toys Reveal–Poppy Parker as Sabrina!

Today Integrity Toys revealed a small portion of their 2012 lineup and all I can say is WOWZA!

I guess my biggest squeal moment was the announcement that they will be doing Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina®.  This is an iconic fashion movie that put Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy on the fashion map.  You will see that Givenchy is never credited in the Sabrina movie as the designer of Ms. Hepburn’s exquisite wardrobe.  Edith Head went on to receive the Oscar for this movie even though she did not design the female leads wardrobe.  Let’s face it folks…it’s Sabrina’s wardrobe and the gamine eyes of Audrey Hepburn that carry that movie. I have tremendous respect for Ms. Head’s work but I never understood her willingness to accept the award for that movie.  Not right.   Most accounts state that Monsieur Givenchy was always an extreme gentleman about the whole thing and I guess in the long run…everyone knew those designs were his and not Ms. Heads work so the true credit went to the true owner.  He should have received the award though.  Monsieur Givenchy went on to work with Ms. Hepburn in Funny Face and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Integrity Toys designer David Buttry did the most amazing job in my opinion of bringing these to the 1/6 scale arena.

**Photos are property of Integrity Toys and Paramount Pictures**

Item #14007
Miss Fairchild
Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina®
Dressed Doll

Suggested Retail Price: $125.00 US
Limited Edition Size: 450 Doll Worldwide

Estimated Delivery date: Mid June 2012


web_Sabrina_14007_access web_Sabrina_14007_CUweb_Sabrina_14007_Full2




Item #14008
Isn’t it Romantic?
Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina®
Dressed Doll

Suggested Retail Price: $125.00 US
Limited Edition Size: 450 Dolls Worldwide

Estimated Delivery date: Mid June 2012


web_Sabrina_14008_access web_Sabrina_14008_Full2 web_Sabrina_14008_CU

Amazing!  Classic Iconic gown from this movie and a must have for me.


Item #14009
Most Sophisticated
Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina®
Dressed Doll Gift Set

Suggested Retail Price: $180.00 US
Limited Edition Size: 450 Gift Sets Worldwide

Estimated Delivery date: Mid June 2012


web_Sabrina_14009_access web_Sabrina_14009_Full2 web_Sabrina_14009_CU



web_Sabrina_14009_Full6 web_Sabrina_14009_Full5 web_Sabrina_14009_Full3



Okay…when I saw this gift set, I literally squealed out loud.  This set is an absolute must for me and my collection…would shove my own sister out of the way to grab this one.  Sorry sis.

Item #14010
The Chauffeur’s Daughter
Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina®
Dressed Doll Gift Set

Suggested Retail Price: $150.00 US
Limited Edition Size: 350 Gift Sets Worldwide

Estimated Delivery date: Mid June 2012


web_Sabrina_14010_access web_Sabrina_14010_Full web_Sabrina_14010_Full3



So sweet!  Love the attention to detail in this giftset.  I love the fact that Mr Buttry included the cooking smock with this set.  Brilliant!


As a fan of the movie and an avid collector of Poppy Parker, this entire series is an absolute slam dunk for me.  Mr Buttry…my happy collector heart is full and my sad collector wallet will be empty….. thanks to you.

If you are interested in any of these lovely ladies, I suggest emailing your Integrity Toys dealer ASAP.  These won’t last long.  More to come form Integrity Toy’s IDEX reveal in a few hours.  Winking smile