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Fun for the Francie Collector

If you are a Francie collector and a Silkstone collector, today was your day.  The Barbie Fan Club opened orders for the much anticipated Fuchsia N’ Fur BFC exclusive Francie Silkstone . 

** Photos are property of Mattel, Inc. **




There are only 4,000 of this lovely lady so if you are BFC member, check her out here

She retails for $74.95

Photo I snapped of her at Barbiecon.  She is really cute in person. 



Another offering for those Francie collectors in our midst is Kitty Corner Francie.  She is also Silkstone and the IRL ( In Real Life) photos that are surfacing of this lady show something better than the promo shots would suggest.  She is really quite adorable and I think I might have to get this one too.


               W3469_c_12_CU1 W3469_c_12_CU2


Photo snapped at Barbiecon….


She is not a BFC exclusive and you can find her on the site at

She retails for $85.00.  Those Silkie Francies don’t come cheap now do they?!