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Tropicalia–Day 1.03

Dinner was a festive affair with a really good meal and a whole table full of fun people.  Can’t ask for any better than that…well maybe a doll or two….and we had that too.  The fun mood was set by colorful décor as we entered the ballroom.

8031769103_439d8a5b11_o med

The centerpiece doll was “Force of Nature” Agnes…which I won the right to purchase.  Yipeee!

8031277265_69cb2ec6ba_o med

8031300934_c30cccd36f_o med

We also received a fabulous Anja doll, Jem earbuds and two 1/6 Tropicalia deck chairs as gifts.

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8031663577_77da39897f_o med

8031663899_7cdc4d1534_o med

Which brings the total accumulation for the day to…

8031698864_c7948d733b_z med

I’m thinking I need a bigger suitcase Smile