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The Iconography of Fashion Dolls

Iconography by definition is: (source Bing Dictionary)


[ kə nóggrəfee ]  

  1. set of recognized images: the set of symbols or images used in a particular field of activity such as music or the movies and recognized by people as having a particular meaning
  2. symbols in painting: the symbols and images used conventionally in a genre of painting, or the study and interpretation of these symbols and images
  3. images of somebody or something specific: the collection, description, or study of images of somebody or something specific


For many of us, the last time we heard or thought about the word iconography was while studying for that art history final in college.  Since man invented the paintbrush, and more currently since the camera entered the scene, we as a society have been adding more and more data points to an ever expanding “iconography” on a variety of different subjects.  In todays culture, with the rise of social media and the resulting wave of images we are bathed in every day, iconography is perhaps entering our daily lives more often than one may think.   The fashion doll iconography time line, one can argue, began in March of 1959 when Ms. Barbie entered our cultural consciousness… and lets face it….she has owned the fashion doll genre since.  As a blogger, I wonder, “What data points am I adding to that time line?”.   My hope is that the images I contribute give a positive and supportive view of the community I enjoy being a part of.  

As many of you know, I enjoy doing slideshows set to music of my photos so I used this idea of iconography to present my next YouTube installment.  Enjoy!

Iconograhy–slideshow of fashion doll photos set to music