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It’s all about the hat…..

I love hats.  I love to photograph these diminutive fashion ladies in hats.  If there is a cool hat with an outfit….I’m usually buying it.  When the recent royal wedding festivities were on, I tuned in….to see the hats!  In fact, it was the royal wedding that gave me some ideas.  I had seen these scrapbooking fabric flowers in my local craft store recently and I thought “ Hmmmmm, I wonder if these would work as a hat?”  They do!  Or at least I think they do.  You can find these online under “scrapbooking fabric embellishments” or “fabric flowers”.

Here is Ms. Poppy Parker to model my repurposed hat.  I imagined her out on the terrace before a formal wedding.

Model:  Restyled Pillow Talk Poppy Parker

White Suit:  Fashion Royalty Monogram Incandescent





Verushka Restyled!


I just could not get inspired by Verushka’s long hair so I decided to put it up and see what happened.  I LOVE it!

Model:  Silkstone BFMC Verushka

White Suit: Fashion Royalty Monogram Incandescent

Black hat: Bogue’s Vogues

Jewelry:  Fashion Royalty Vibrant Dimension

Shoes:  Fashion Royalty Going Public

Purse:  Fashion Royalty Squared Metropolitan

Gloves:  Silkstone BFMC Verushka


And because I LOOOOOOVE my Macro lens……