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Your Kind of Model Kesenia..On Approach

Limited edition of 400.  I am normally not a big fan of the open mouth face mold but there was something about the platinum hair and the little black fur jacket that spoke to me.  Hope her promo shots are close the the actual doll.  I have to give Integrity a big high five on their accessories this year.  They are phenomenal!!  Now…if we could just get the delivery date a little closer to when they announce these beauties…life would be almost perfect.


As it has been a while since this doll was announced….here is a recap of her promo shots.

Kesenia collage


Jordan and Dania….On Approach for Landing

…at Inside the Fashion Doll Studio.  I received notice from my most excellent dealer Barb that these two ladies are on their way to me.  Since it has been some time since these  were announced…{cough) ummm April…{cough},  I thought I would recap the particulars about these newest releases.  It seems like these dolls are coming out really, really late this year.  The bulk of the Integrity Toys 2012 lineup is still yet to come and I am afraid there will be an avalanche here in the next couple of months.  I better get my skis ready to ride it down.


“Always on her Mind” Dania Zarr

Edition Size: 450

When was she supposed to be delivered??  Early July {{Rebecca looks at her watch then looks at the screen and raises an eyebrow sarcastically}}

2012 Dania collage


“Trust your Instincts” Jordan

Edition Size: 450

When was she supposed to be delivered??  Early July…How do I feel about it??

Michaela's not impressed2012 Jordan collage

It looks like the influence for these two lovelies is the captain of Integrity’s design team Jason Wu.  This is from his 2012 Spring RTW show.

Jason Wu Spring 2012 RTW 1

As with the convention dolls, the accessories look to be fantastic!  Looking forward to some deboxing time.