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The Doll Closet


The doll closet is always changing in the doll room.  I am constantly on the lookout for new ways to store and organize doll clothing, props, furniture and all manner of items associated with this wonderful world of collecting.  I have been working on a better way of storing doll clothing and I shared what I did a number of months ago.  I continue to make improvements on the original idea so I thought I would share some updated pictures and show a little bit more of the Pandora’s Box that is the Doll Room Closet…..


Above is a picture of the gateway to Pandora’s Box Winking smile.


The latest in organizing clothing on the back of the doors of the closet.  Shorter dresses and suits are above and longer gowns are below.  I am now using paper cardstock dress forms to hang the clothing on as it helps keep the clothing neat and the cardstock form is more compact than the plastic variety so I am able to store more clothing on each rod.


The rounds of clothing are great because you can just pick up the whole round and take it out to look for what you want.  They take up a great deal of space however.  The drawers are full of various items like, purses, furs, gloves, glasses ect…


The other half of the doll room closet!  Clothing is now spilling over into the other door.  It serves as storage for all the various supplies I use in set and diorama building and is a great place to store furniture pieces I use in my doll photography.


I store most of my doll jewelry in little baggies suspended from these clip it up hooks so I can see everything that I have to choose from quickly.  Sometimes I only have a short amount of time to do a photo shoot so I find having everything easily accessible makes it easier to do things and more likely that I will actually get the photo shoot done.

As I have said before, I love to see other people’s ‘behind the scenes’ photos so I hope these help give some ideas on how I store things and organize them.