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Champs-Élysées Victoire Roux!

It’s that time again….time for an Integrity toys lottery involving a doll I NEED!  This one is a little different however in that not just WClub members will be eligible for the lottery but anyone who wants to try for this lady will be allowed a ticket as well.  She is being offered through DOLLS magazine.  Her edition size is 500 and she will be $125.

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Her accessories


So…if you are interested in finding out more about this lottery and how to get a ticket click on the picture bellow and it will take you to the DOLLS magazine site.  There you will find a write up on Miss Victoire and the information about how to get a ticket in this lottery.  You will have until August 13th at 5PM CDT to get a ticket. My ticket is already sitting in my hot little hands or rather in my hotmail inbox….Oh luck be a lady for me the week of August 13th!!