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2016 Silkstone News!!!

Well, well, well.  Thanks to Rogier and Dutch Barbie World’s super sleuthing, we have some new info on the 2016 articulated Silkstone line.   Many collectors have known for a while that there would be a Trench Coat silkstone and a Glam Dress silkie but no images.  Today that changed when these images were posted on a European sales site.  I was hoping for some released info ahead of Toy Fair this week and it looks like the European market has obliged.

**Note, these images are prototype only and no indication of actual product**

Disclaimer out of the way, they look like valid promo shots to me so I will share them.  Keep in mind that Mattel has not “officially” released information on these but then they have been slow as molasses to release any information so…make up your own minds.

Trench Coat Silkstone

©2016 Mattel, Inc.

Glam Dress Silkstone

©2016 Mattel, Inc.

EEEEEEEEEE!  In a puddle with pure delight right now.  A couple of weeks back, I was chatting with my friend and fellow blogger,  Rogier over at Dutch Barbie World, and we were both discussing an outfit we had seen on Instagram and how much we liked it and how we were hoping it would be produced.  I think I might have even joked “ Wouldn’t it be perfect if this was on a Silkstone?!”

©2015 Mattel, Inc.

Anywhoo…and it appears to be coming true!!!  Thank you Robert Best!!!  Best of all people…this girl has some jewelry!!!!