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The Fashion Doll Vignette

I think you can tell by now that I love collecting fashion dolls.  I also love photographing my collection and sharing those photos with you all.  Another thing I really enjoy doing is displaying my collection.  Some of the most popular images I share either here or on my flickr page involve some kind of diorama.  To me, it is infinitely more interesting to share a scene rather than just a fashion image of a doll and outfit.  One is editorial, the other shares a story.  The second you add items and accessories, it becomes a scene and scenes have stories.  Do I have a story when I set a scene?  Sometimes, yes, sometimes, no. 

This vignette started with the following youtube video.  This is where I imagine all of my Silkstones live LOL! 


In this diorama there are a number of amazing pieces.  First and foremost, there is this exquisite suit, hat and gloves from Matisse.  It is worn by Ballgown Silkstone. 

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

The other treasures in this diorama are the 1/6 terrarium, 1/6 garden cloche and the OOAK painted 1/6 bombe chest.  The plants are all miniature scale plants found on Amazon.  The picture above the chest was a find on an antiquing trip to a local shop.

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

I don’t know if these little terrariums are available anymore but they are too adorable.

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

The miniature cloches can be found in most fairy garden supply stores.  I have added a link for some at Amazon.  Just click on cloches.

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

Let’s talk about this amazing bombe chest for a moment.  It started life as a plastic jewelry chest.  I have dear friend ,Carolyn Grentz, who is an amazing artist and she transformed this plastic jewelry chest into a 1/6 French baroque treasure.  I am trying to talk her into doing a few more to sell at Barbie Convention.

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

© 2015 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio


Ball Gown Silkstone Official Photos

Finally released!  Geez…took long enough.  I think many people have already received theirs but here are the official photos of this one.  I wont have mine in hand for a bit but I am excited to see her up close.

Ball Gown Barbie® Doll

Retails for $100 and is available now

(Photo source:  Mattel, Inc)X8275_c_13_CU3