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Portrait of a Lady

My husband, daughter and I recently traveled to NYC.  We were there to see my daughter perform at Carnegie Hall.  It was one of those epic moments for a parent and she had a solo (which she nailed!) in one of the pieces they played so it was a piece of cake with major frosting kind of afternoon.  While in NYC, my husband and I were encouraged by a friend ( Thank you Hilda!) to visit the Frick Museum.  What a joy that was!  While there, we saw this amazing portrait and the moment I saw it, I had a picture idea pop into my head.  A visit to their gift shop provided the supplies and this is the result.

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

©2016 Inside The Fashion Doll Studio

Model:  Rare Appearance Dania Zarr with gloved hands that came with her

Jewelry: Rare Appearance Dania Zarr

Suit: Integrity Toys “In Good Form” from 2007

Shoes: Cold Shoulder Eugenia

Portrait:  Anthony van Dyck  Her name is Lady Anne Carey, Later Viscountess Claneboye and Countess of Clanbrassil, ca. 1636

©The Frick Collection

If you are ever in NYC and have an afternoon to see some lovely paintings housed in an amazing mansion, I highly recommend visiting The Frick Museum.