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2013 IT Convention Thoughts and Reflections

Now that the dust has settled…just a bit…and the bags have been unpacked (still waiting on boxes though), I am sitting back and reflecting with my cup of morning coffee.  What did I think of this year’s convention?  First and foremost, I think I need to say a huge “Thank You!” to the Newsum family and the staff at Integrity Toys for an incredible experience.  Integrity Toys is owned and run by the Percy Newsum but it looks like the entire family comes to help out at these conventions.  The family-owned and run business is a dying breed in our fast-paced eBay-buying, Amazon-downloading world of consumerism.  All of the designers are also present and mingling with people.  IT Marketing Director Alain Tremblay and Carol Roth who are often the voice and face of Integrity — especially during the company webinars — are ever-present emceeing the events and working the crowd.   I can’t even quantify how lovely it is to  interact with the people who actually help bring this wonderful product to our homes.  It is a connection that makes me feel good about buying the product and that is just not something you can buy in this world market.  It is carefully cultivated and, in my opinion, it is smart business.  You leave these conventions feeling like you are a very valued customer and an honored guest.  I have to give a shout out to table 22 here as well.  This lovely group of ladies and one gentleman hosted by the fabulous Hilda made my daughter and I feel like honored guests too.  A big “Thank you” from the bottom of my heart for making my daughter’s first IT convention super special and fun.  Words cannot express how wonderful you were to her {sniff, sniff} and that means more to this Mom than you know.

I also want to thank my readers..many of whom came up to me at convention and gave me a verbal and actual hug when they said  how much they enjoyed the blog, flickr photos and/or youtube videos.  I really appreciated and loved the comments from people as I posted and I will endeavor to be better about responding to blog comments in the future. 

My college degree is in business and finance so the evolution of this business is infinitely fascinating to me.   It is the Disney model of business: bring people in, give them a happy and fun experience and they will open their pocket books.  Give them an exceptional experience and that pocket book opens wider.  This event was extremely well organized.  This convention, in my opinion,  had one of the strongest convention collections I have seen.  There was something for just about everyone.  The looks were elegant, strong, edgy in places and sublimely vintage couture in others.  The accessories…jewelry, shoes etc…were excellent as well.  The shoes in particular were a big bonus because every exquisite pair was another choice of shoe the FR2 body foot could wear.  Collectors of the FR2 line have long lamented the need for more shoes for this body type.  Because there was an extra meal event this year, most conventioneers had the opportunity to purchase at least two centerpieces…some even had the chance to purchase three.  Three out of the four events had an absolutely beautiful gift doll given as a gift.  I realize that this year was special being the 10 year anniversary and this kind of swag is not de rigueur for conventions going forward but WOW was it nice to receive.  The quality of these gifts was really exceptional.  This was not your average convention, folks.  I think we all walked away with that feeling. My only negative comment and it is a minor one, was the discovery that the “Black Orchid” Vanessa’s dress is not easily removable.  This was a centerpiece doll for the final dinner and she was dressed in a Jason Wu runway design.  It works out great if you want to leave her in this dress…not so great for us redressers.  Hilda was able to snip a strap and fashion a fix for me.  The only way to remove the dress without snipping a strap is to take the doll’s head off.  I was just too chicken to do that with this doll (afraid I would mess up the amazing updo). 

So what was the total take away swag you might ask…well…. the doll haul from this event broke down like this.  **Note:  The list below does not include style lab dolls.  I don’t collect these dolls so  I did not attend the style lab.  Sorry 😦 **

The Doll Haul

$ – denotes you had to spend money above what you spent on convention package

25 possible Dolls, two outfits, one shoe pack

Convention collection –$    (dolls that you were able to purchase as an attendee)

October Issue Agnes
Paparazzi Darling Adèle
Bittersweet Eugenia
Breathless Véronique
Brazen Beauty Natalia
Bewitching Véronique
Star in the Making Poppy Parker


IT Direct Hard Metal Lilith
IT Direct Anja
IT Direct Tricks up her Sleeve Poppy
IT Direct Tulabelle
IT Shoe Pack

Centerpiece Dolls –$  (dolls you were able to purchase via lottery)

After Tonight Eugenia Perrin-Frost™
Elegant Evening Poppy Parker™
Bellissima Natalia Fatalé
Story Of My Life Victoire Roux™
Black Orchid Vanessa Perrin™

Workshop Dolls –$ (dolls purchased as part of workshop package)

Victorious Glamour Victoire Roux™
Poppy’s Makeup Makeover Poppy Parker™
Shining Star FR: Monogram™
W Cosmetics Hair Care Fashion Royalty®


Convention gifts  (dolls that were given as gifts)

Interlude FR: Monogram
Nightfall Agnes Von Weiss™
Especially For You Poppy Parker™
Dangerous To Know Kyori Sato™
Night at Ciro’s Victoire Roux™ ** outfit**
Completist FR: Monogram™ Accessory Pack **outfit**
Midnight Star Elise Jolie Convention Doll

Not a bad haul eh?  About this time, many collectors complain about the steep markup many of these dolls sell for in the secondary market (eBay or doll boards etc.)  Keep in mind that conventioneers paid around $425-450 a ticket to get in.  Many if not most also had hotel and airline/travel cost in addition to this.  There is also the issue of time spent standing in line to get into the sales room for extras and money spent shipping or incurring extra luggage fees getting all this loot home.  I think it is just downright silly to expect conventioneers to sell convention items for the convention purchase price.  The simple price of the centerpiece doll they purchased is not the total out of pocket cost for that doll.  If you think the markup is too high, don’t buy it.  Just sayin’

I also just have to add that when it came time to figure out how to get all of this loot home, Integrity was all over it.  What I could not fit in my luggage, I had to ship.  I flew out later in the afternoon Sunday so I went down to Integrity Toys’ shipping center around mid-morning.  I had three boxes to ship (Hey!…no judging!!) and I was in and out of that shipping room in 10 minutes.  A professional UPS store could not have done any better.  It was fantastic!!

“So which ones are your favorites Rebecca?” {said in a television interviewer voice}…..

…Well…that is a really tough question.  I would have to put Kyori high up on the list as well as the workshop and convention Elises.  I am also a huge fan of the new FR2 body but am NOT a fan of the funky stands they come with.  I am glad I have a large supply of stands from previous years. 


Integrity Toys Wows With Funny Face Collection

Integrity Toys gave collectors a glimpse into 2013 Saturday with photos of four of its collector doll lines for 2013.  They showed WClub members photos from Wave 2 of Jem and The Holograms, Dynamite Girls, Tulabelle and Funny Face.  Carole Roth, Vaughn Sawyers, David Buttry and Chris Stoekel, also shared some of the thoughts and design inspirations behind these four lines.  I have always been a fan of these webinars by Integrity.  I think it’s brilliant because you can get all the information while sitting in the privacy of your own home instead of having to spend money to go to a venue like Toy Fair or IDEX.  I have said this before and will reiterate.   I believe it is a brilliant business move by IT because now collectors don’t have to spend the money on expensive travel and hotel rooms.  That money can instead go towards dolls.  It is more money in Integrity’s pockets and happier collectors….win, win.    Case in point…here is how I spent my Saturday morning gathering info for this blog post.

2013 IT Spring collection

…Yes….my daughter and I enjoying the Webinar…in PJ’s with my ever present cup of java. Smile

Funny Face graphic

I did a previous post about Integrity Toys and Paramount teaming up to do a Funny Face Collection.  I had a number of guesses about what would be produced. You can find the original blog post here

When I jump on my speculation train with these doll lines, I don’t often see my guesswork realized and then taken up about two more notches.  That is what Integrity Toys has done with their Funny Face collection.  They did everything I was hoping they would do….and then they did what I only dreamed they would do.  HOLY COW!!!!  The inventiveness and sheer magnitude in this line is leaving me speechless here…..speechless and penniless.  Chris Stoekel, talented new designer with Integrity Toys and part of the team responsible for this collection, introduced and talked us through the the Funny Face lineup for the webinar.  Phenomenal job Mr. Stoekel and Integrity Toys design team.  I tip my hat and open my wallet to you.

** All photos are courtesy of Integrity Toys**

Item # 14011
Take The Picture!
Dressed Doll
The Funny Face Collection
Limited Edition of 400 Dolls
Suggested Retail Price: US $150.00
Estimated Delivery Date: Week of February 11th, 2013

She has the original Vanessa head sculpt on a Poppy Parker body (with the kitten heel feet).

Take The Picture 3

Take The Picture 4

**Please note that the photos are of prototype dolls and subject to changes and modifications.

Take The Picture 1   Take The Picture 2

Not to toot my own horn (Oh come on Rebecca, you know you have to….toot that horn!), but I even nailed the name on this baby in my previous blog post.  We all knew this outfit would have to be one of the ones produced.  I adore the jewelry on her.  It is the most detailed on a reproduction of this iconic outfit that I have seen to date.  STUNNING!

Item # 14012
Think Pink
Dressed Doll Mini-Gift Set
The Funny Face Collection
Limited Edition of 400 Dolls
Suggested Retail Price: US $150.00
Estimated Delivery Date: Week of February 11th, 2013

She has the Imogen head sculpt on Monogram body (with Victoire legs).

Think Pink 3

Think Pink! 1

Think Pink! 4

**Please note that the photos are of prototype dolls and subject to changes and modifications.

Think Pink! 2Think Pink! 6

Think Pink! 5

Think Pink

SQUEEEEEEELLLLLLLL!  Okay…a little background for you guys.  My signin name for all of the doll boards that I post on is Think_Pink.  I came up with that name because of THIS song in THIS movie.  Let’s just say it resonates with me big time.  When this baby flashed up on the screen I had an honest to God full circle out of body experience.  I believe my words to my dealer later were “I don’t know who you will have to kill to get me this gift set….but do it.” 

All kidding aside (no…I won’t kill for a doll…I am not that far gone…yet), I have to give the Integrity Toys design team a big round of applause.  I was all prepared to see dolls with Jo Stockton costumes.  I never even considered they would produce some iconic fashions from other characters or musical numbers from the movie.  This is just so creative and downright delightful.  It’s like a free amuse bouche at the beginning of a meal in a fancy restaurant…that unexpected treat that opens up your palate for more…and I was so ready for more after they showed this one.  Well played sir….Well played.

Item # 14013
The Quality Woman
Dressed Doll Gift Set
The Funny Face Collection
Limited Edition of 400 Dolls
Suggested Retail Price: US $199.00
Estimated Delivery Date: Week of February 11th, 2013

She has the Katy Perry face sculpt on a Victoire body.

The Quaility Woman 3

The Quaility Woman 4

**Please note that the photos are of prototype dolls and subject to changes and modifications.

The Quaility Woman 1The Quaility Woman 2

The Quaility Woman 5

Again…they give us a character other than Jo Stockton from the movie.  Who could forget the indomitable Maggie Prescott, fashion editor.  She was the Anna Wintour of that movie…and the actress who played her is one of the most fascinating people in 1940-1950’s Hollywood.  If you have a moment, read about Kay Thompson.  This is perhaps the least glamorous of all the Funny Face offerings but I appreciate the sense of completeness this gives to the collection.  This character was very important in the movie and it feels so very right to have her represented in the group.

Item # 14014
On How To Be Lovely
Dressed Doll Gift Set
The Funny Face Collection
Limited Edition of 400 Dolls
Suggested Retail Price: US $199.00
Estimated Delivery Date: Week of February 11th, 2013

She has the new Veronique face sculpt on a Poppy Parker body.

Oh How to be Lovely 3

Oh How to be Lovely 4

Oh How to be Lovely 2

**Please note that the photos are of prototype dolls and subject to changes and modifications.

Oh How to be Lovely 1

Holy shitake mushrooms people!!  I know I was hoping for the pink princess gown but I was preparing myself for disappointment.  I was so very thrilled to see she was being produced and THEN….the same gift set has the bridal outfit too.  SQUEEEEEEEEELLLLLLL!  I am not sure where the yellow outfit is in the movie???  Will have to watch the movie again just to find it.  This one is using the new Veronique head sculpt.  Can I just say how flippin’ cool it is that they are using a variety of different head sculpts for the Jo Stockton character.  Each one has a different nuance and gives me a reason to feel better about buying yet another Funny Face gift set.  Smart business…it is how Disney does it…gets you in there and makes you happy and gives you a reason to justify spending money…Brilliant.

Now, I would have been happy if they just stopped the line here.  In the gift sets above, they had already produced most of the outfits I wanted to see done and I would have spent my money and walked away a happy camper.  After this point in the webinar — and I am going in the order of how they were revealed to us — Integrity gave us a ginzu cutting knife infomercial moment….”But wait, there’s more……..” and proceeded to blow the doors off of my speculation train.

Item # 14015
Bonjour, Paris!
Dressed Doll Gift Set
The Funny Face Collection
Limited Edition of 400 Dolls
Suggested Retail Price: US $199.00
Estimated Delivery Date: Week of February 11th, 2013

She has the original Veronique head sculpt with Poppy Parker body.

Bonjour Paris 2

Bonjour Paris 1Bonjour Paris 3

Bonjour Paris 6

Bonjour Paris 5

Bonjour Paris 4

**Please note that the photos are of prototype dolls and subject to changes and modifications.

Bonjour Paris 7

HOLY….I’m running out of expletives here people.  I think I may have just laid down on the floor at this point..I don’t memory was kind of hazy because I thought I was dreaming this up.  AAACCCCKKK!  How cool is this gift set?!!!  The attention to detail speaks directly to the care IT took with this project.  As a huge fan of the movie, I just want to cry with gratitude  {{sniff, sniff..just take my money already would ya..sniff, sniff}}

And now….for the pièce de résistance or the proverbial “home run” from this collection.

Item # 14018
A Woman Who Thinks
Dressed Doll Mini-Gift Set
The Funny Face Collection
Limited Edition of 400 dolls
Suggested Retail Price: US $150.00
Estimated Delivery Date: Week of February 11th, 2013

She has the Anja face sculpt on the Monogram body (with Victoire legs).

A Woman Who Thinks 2

A Woman Who Thinks 4

**Please note that the photos are of prototype dolls and subject to changes and modifications.

A Woman Who Thinks 3A Woman Who Thinks 1

A Woman Who Thinks 5


“We apologize for the interruption in this blog post.  Our author has just fainted.”

In a million years I would have never guessed this one and I am kicking myself because I should have guessed…I mean come on!  Dovima is definitely an iconic figure not just from the movie but of that time too.  The only thing missing from this gift set is the “Minute Men from Mars” magazine.  In the full course meal of this collection, Integrity moved us from a palate teasing amuse bouche to a rich, decadent chocolaty dessert.  Yummmmmm!

Dovima and magazine 2

All of the dolls shown in this blog post above are only available through the authorized Integrity Toys dealers.  If you want any of these, I would call now. 

If you made the wise decision to sign up for the  WClub this year, you also had the opportunity to enter a lottery for yet another gift set.

Available by lottery only to WClub members

Item #14016
Let’s Kiss And Make Up
Dressed Doll Gift Set
The Funny Face Collection
2013 W Club Exclusive Lottery Doll
Suggested Retail Price: US $199.00 US
Limited Edition of 400 Dolls
Estimated Delivery Date: Week of February 11th, 2013

She is closed mouth 2nd edition Vanessa on Poppy Parker body

Let's kiss and make up 1

Let's kiss and make up 2

Let's kiss and make up 3Let's kiss and make up 4Let's kiss and make up 5

Two outfits that I didn’t even consider that they would produce..AND THE FLOWER SHOP DRESS!!  Oh mighty lottery gods please be kind to me.  If I don’t win the right to purchase, I will be sulking in a corner for weeks on this one folks.

Of this entire group, many are asking “Who is your favorite?”  Chris Stoeckel shared in the webinar that Dovima and “Think Pink” were his favorites.  Those are two of my favorites as well.  I would also have to add “On How to be Lovely”. 

I will not be doing a blog post on Wave 2 Jem and The Holograms or Tulabelle.  Feel free to head over to Shuga’s blog where I am sure she will have a very comprehensive and fun writeup on these lines.  I will post info on the Dynamite Girls tomorrow.