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Doll Photography and Blogging Presentation

Doll Photography and Blogging: The Set

This one is the fun one…or at least I think it is.  It’s about the diorama photos and all those little details.  If set building for a photo is not your thing…this might not be your favorite episode.  For me, this is the joy of what I do…creating that story and scene.  Hope you walk away with a new idea or way to make your photos or collecting more fun and meaningful.

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Doll Photography and Blogging: Light

So I attempt to do every Friday but some days…it will be later.  This weeks mini segment is about light and how important it is when taking an image.  Hope you all enjoy!  Don’t forget to click on the HD button in bottom right of video to get high quality video and use the other button in bottom right of screen to get full screen.

20160802 presentation




Doll Photography and Blogging: Equipment

Here is the next installment of this presentation.  Hope you guys find some useful info here.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the questions in the comment section of this blog post.  Don’t forget to select HD and full screen in bottom right hand corner of video to get best quality.

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Doll Photography and Blogging: An Introduction

Today is the first part of a series of segments on Doll Photography and Blogging.  I am rebroadcasting the presentation I did for the 2016 NBDCC and I hope you find some useful information in this series.

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Feel free to post questions in this blog post about anything I have gone over.  I will try to answer as best as I can.  If there are many questions, I will just do another audio segment and answer all the questions before the next segment on the blog.




Doll Photography 101

Hello all!  So for the last couple of National Barbie Doll Collector Conventions I have been asked to do presentations on Doll Photography and blogging.  If anyone is interested in hearing these presentations and learning what I talked about, I will be attempting to rebroadcast them in parts every Friday over the next couple of months.

Starting Friday 2/23/18

2018-02-15 presentation shot 1

Here is the teaser video I released before the presentation.  Just click to play

And the introduction to the series video. Just click to play.