Barbie for big girls.

WordPress Gremlins

Hello everyone.  Some of you may be experiencing this when you pull up my blog.

20160413 security alert

Pretty alarming right?!  No, my site has not been hacked.  WordPress just updated their encryption this past weekend and apparently, anyone using Internet Explorer may be seeing this when they visit my site.  It doesn’t appear to be happening with any other browser but if it is, please let me know.  I am in contact with WordPress and have been assured they are working on it.  The issue seems to be the ads that are on my blog.  To deactivate or bypass the security alert simply click the “No” button on this alert.  You may have to do it multiple times as it may need to deactivate more than one ad on the page.  In my case, I usually need to do it twice.  Then you can enter the website.  Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.



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