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Tropicalia–Day 2.03

I hit my wall last night hence….no post.  I simply had to sleep when I finally got back to the room so sorry for the delay on that.  What I wanted to post photos about last night was the raffle and competition room.  Here are the directions convention goers had for dioramas this year.

“Diorama Design Competition:
This year since Agnes is in control of her own land, show us some of the crazy buildings she has had built on Tropicalia! Do you want
to show us her palace? Or perhaps the extravagant beach house she built for her special guests? Maybe the huts that the villagers
who work for her live in or the crazy market place she would like tourists to shop at? The sky’s the limit; all we ask is that you keep it
“Tropical”! Only Integrity dolls allowed in the displays, but props from other companies are allowed if needed. We are not putting a size
limit to your diorama, so have fun!! Dioramas at past conventions have been some of the most interesting we have ever seen, let’s go
crazy this year!”

And here is what people came up with Smile




There was also a fashion design competition.

Doll Fashion Design Competition (Advanced Category):
This year the Fashion Royalty Characters have been invited to a giant extravaganza on Agnes Von Weiss’ brand new tropical island
for a giant fashion bash and exotic vacation. Agnes went all out to dazzle her guests, had a giant palace built and went all out on
everything down to the most minute details.
For the Advanced Fashion Challenge this year, create a custom FR or Integrity Toys dolls representing one of the guests at the party.
Remember, this is a really high-end couture affair! Everyone wants to impress Agnes so that they can get in a little on the success that
Von Weiss International has become and so everyone is trying their hardest to impress! For this category, any Integrity Toys doll is
allowed. Entries will be judged on originality, creativity and theme/content. We will be looking the doll as a whole, so hairstyle, outfits
etc etc. Face paints are optional and will not be taken into consideration.


8033510259_634c521ca2_z med

8033509715_e1602f5c88_z med

8033511510_17383f4a69_z med  8033511728_f0fb108a15_z med  8033511904_6b325789b7_z med

Doll Fashion Design Competition (Beginners/Intermediate Category):
Agnes is one of the most eccentric socialite that there is and everything she does needs to be out of this world. For the
beginners/intermediate category, create one of the equally eccentric and bizarre characters Agnes has hired to serve at her big
fashion bash on Tropicalia, her island in the Pacific. Are they sideshow attractions? Do they act look and act like Rococo era servants?
Just how wild are they? Show us what kind of performance art Agnes wants from her staff at the palace…. The weirder the better!
Let’s get creative! For this category, any Integrity Toys doll is allowed. Entries will be judged on originality, creativity and
theme/content. We will be looking at the fun factor behind each entry. Face paints are optional and will not be taken into consideration.”

8033509469_3b9ffc5bf1_z med

8033511040_716cdc1af0_z med

Last but not least, there was the raffle room.  One of the most popular items were the OOAK Integrity Toys dolls.  A Beautiful Eugenia:


8033507580_c17608b9c4_z  8033507812_9e147b36c2_z

A Stunning Anja:


8033506081_12d8c10199_z  8033507384_7e7921a6b8_z

And a jaw dropping 16 inch Freja:


8033505553_42d554bd5f_z 8033505675_61fa435f44_z 8033505871_2572845b8e_z

There were many other tempting dolls to put your tickets in for as well.




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  1. Just loving all of your great coverage, Rebecca!!!!!!!!!!

    September 29, 2012 at 6:29 am

    • Thank you so much Peter. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I was glad I was able to keep up with it…things get incredibly hectic…just like Barbiecon. But it’s all good hectic 🙂

      October 2, 2012 at 11:08 pm

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