Barbie for big girls.

Bogue’s Vogues Vendredi–Mellow Yellow

I am pulling from the archives here to satisfy a Bogue’s Vogues Vendredi.  I have had these photos posted on my Flickr account for a while but have not posted them on my blog.  I just love High Tea and Savories in this gown.  I think the blue flowers really bring out the blue in her eyes much better than her original brown dress does.  I love this design of James Bogue in particular and I have a number of versions in different colors.

Model:  High Tea and Savories Silkstone Barbie

Dress:  Bogue’s Vogues ( )



Will be working on new photos soon….as soon as ballet recital season is done Winking smile.


One response

  1. Joanna

    Lovely photos. Bougue’s Vogues are stunning.I have a similar blue and white basket like the urn in your photos. Your backdrops are always so beautiful and, go so well with your dolls and outfits.

    June 3, 2011 at 7:56 am

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