Barbie for big girls.

Extravagance visits the studio

Some musings about this set of photos and what I was thinking while doing it. There is something so rich and elegant about the Fashion Royalty Monogram line of dolls.  Whenever my imagination comes up with an elegant set or background, I tend to go for the monograms to help finish the picture that is in my head.  When I first received this black Bogue’s Vogues black silk dress, I immediately thought jewelry shopping.  Don’t ask me why….just did.  The hat, also a Bogue’s Vogues creation, was so wonderful it needed a strong face but not too strong because… let’s face it…it’s all about the hat.   I felt I needed a blond model to set off the beautiful black dress and I wanted sunglasses because nothing says “I’m  famous and fabulous!”  better than a big pair of designer shades.  With those things decided, I needed some amazing accessories to match but not too many.  First I settled on this fabulous bracelet that came with the Mattel ‘s Anemone Barbie by Christian Louboutin .  With that decided, the earrings could not compete with the bracelet so I decided on simple but bold diamond( okay rhinestone ) clusters  With such a sleek and elegant  dress, I figured I could go all out with the shoes.  I wanted to use a fabulous  silver pair of shoes that came in the Barbie Louboutin shoe pack.  To my complete amazement, the shoes actually fit the Monogram foot so that’s what she is wearing.  To complete the outfit, I added a La Boutique Dior purse of the month.  Fantastic!

The set was simple because I wanted most of  the focus to be on the model.  The checkerboard floor was added for some interest but the rest was all tones on black.  The mannequin and necklace were the only things I wanted to stand out amidst the background and now that I look back on the photos, I wish I had chosen a necklace with rubies instead of sapphires but, oh well.





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