Barbie for big girls.

R.E. Agnes Welcomes Spring in Gwendolyn’s Treasures

I have been a big fan of Gwendolyn’s Treasures for quite a while.  I just love the fabrics she uses and the classic styling not to mention the impeccable execution.  It was no surprise that when I saw this pink dress and accessories, I said “gotta have it!”   With Easter coming up and Spring limping its way into our neck of the woods (wish it would hurry up already!)  I wanted to pull out the pastels and go for “girly”.    I recently acquired this Agnes and boy am I glad I did.  I think she is one of the most beautiful variations of Agnes that Integrity has ever done.  It is so easy to go for a dark and sexy shot with this lady so I wanted to go the exact opposite and try sweet and simple.

Model: Regal Estate Agnes Fashion Royalty

Dress, hat, gloves and purse:  Gwendolyn’s Treasures

Shoes:  Monogram Redefined Accessory set



You can contact Gwen of Gwendolyn’s Treasures at for more information on her amazing creations.  She also sells on Doll Divas


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