Barbie for big girls.

Renegade Dasha!

Integrity Toys has a new doll in their Fashion Royalty Squared line and she is drop dead gorgeous. She just screams old style Hollywood glamour to me.   She has an issue size of 300 and will only be available to the lucky people who win the chance to purchase her in a W Club lottery.  Yes, I purchased a lottery ticket and YES I hope to win the chance to purchase her.  I love everything about this lovely lady but I particularly love the fashion and accessories.  Lucky winners will be selected on or around Monday, March 28th.  I will be sitting on pins and needles with many others that day.  My luck at lotteries has been really bad as of late.  My philosophy has been and continues to be that if a doll is meant to be in my collection, it will be.  If it is not meant to be…well…then it just isn’t.  Win or lose..she is a winner for being just so gorgeous!

All photos in this post are property of Integrity toys.


57003_CU_WEB  57003_jewels_WEB  57003_access_WEB

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