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Luncheon Ensemble Silkstone Meets Yankee Doodle

Finally some photos are showing up on dealers sites so I believe I can share them here.  This 2013 Silkstone was sneaked back in September to the Barbie Fan Club ( BFC )  She is one of the Silkies whose drawings can be seen in the Atelier video by Mattel .  I was lucky enough to see it at this summer’s National Barbie Convention and I posted a link to it in the blog back in August  

** Photo is property of Mattel, Inc.**


Luncheon Ensemble

Anywhoo…what do I think? I love pink. I love redheads. You would figure a slam dunk right? Hold on to that basketball folks. I love the doll. The outfit is leaving me kind of …”meh”. I think it’s the turban. I just can’t get past the big rose on it. Unlike Yankee Doodle can’t just stick a feather/rose on it and call it macaroni/fashion.  I am also not so sure about the print.  I would love to see the hairstyle of this silkie beneath the turban.  LOVE the little curls on her ears.  I am dying to see if she has an updo underneath that “wrongly rose-adorned” turban.  Also, putting a redhead in pink??…. always a risky venture.  Change this doll’s ensemble to a green, blue or teal…then we are talking!  Am I buying this doll?  In a heartbeat.  At this point and without seeing her in real life, this doll will be redressed faster than you can say “Silkstone”.  The turban will be the first to go.  I reserve the right to completely change my mind once I have seen her and have her in hand LOL!  Have I hedged all my bets sufficiently?  I think so. 

music note clipart 3

Becca Berry went to dealer just to buy a Silkie, ripped the turban off her head and called her fashion beauty”


Welcome to 2013!!

It’s the third official day of the new year  and it has been roughly two years since I started the wonderful journey into blogging on WordPress.  I truly appreciate everyone’s willingness to come along for the ride Smile.  I am hoping that 2013 will continue to bring inspiration, time and creativity my way so I can share more photos with you.  In the year ahead, I am looking forward to more of Mr. Best’s Silkstone Atelier line as well as the wonders that Integrity Toys will have for us.   While I will not be attending and reporting from the National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention this year, I will be reporting for the first time from Paris for the Paris Doll Expo in March and I hope to be attending Integrity Toys Fashion Royalty convention in October.

To kick off the new year, I am trying out some new lighting ideas ( received some new lights for the studio from Santa!!). I had a whole “Narnia” thing going on LOL!  I was wishing I had a 1/6 Mr Tumnus.

Model:  OOAK Silkstone by Jon Copeland

Gown:  T.D. Fashions



       20121228-IMG_0451-Edit warmer-2 copy 20121228-IMG_0448-Editwmsized



Verushka Attends A Holiday Party

I was shocked at how a simple updo changed the entire look of this doll.  She is now one of my favorite models. 

Model:  Restyled Verushka™ Barbie® Doll

Gown:  Joe Tai

Earrings and gloves:  Hope Diamond Barbie



                                20121107-IMG_0358-Editwmsized 20121107-IMG_0349-Editwmsized


What this picture would look like as a Chanel ad…..Smile

20121107-IMG_0366-Editwmsizedicons2 copy copy

The Lady in Red: Part Four

This is the final part of this series and technically…she isn’t wearing red but in front of it.  Red, however, is a big part of the shot.  This “ Lady in Red” series had showcased the Fashion Royalty girls in my collection and it was time to pull out the beloved Silkstones.  I love these shots for a few reasons.

  1) It showcases one of my favorites Silkstones..a repaint by Jon Copeland of SeloJSpa(


                            20120623-IMG_9540-Editwmsized   20120623-IMG_9535-Editwmsized

2) It has a high drama content…LOVE.


I love the lighting in this shot.  It gives it that feeling of her actually being up on the stage with that little spotlight on her face.


3) It shows off a glitzy showgirl ensemble(Jazz Diva by Mattel) and the styling was inspired by a great conversation with fantastic doll friend.   Matty of  and I don’t get the chance to talk that often but when we do…good doll photos or doll blog ideas follow.  Matty, this one’s for you {HUGS!}.



and 4) The background was flash of inspiration and something that caused me to say to myself “ Oh I need to talk about this on the blog”.  After Matty gave me the idea that I should dress this doll in this outfit, I immediately saw a red show curtain.  I saw “full on diva” and she needed a crushed red velvet curtain falling in folds behind her.  One of my problems ( and yes, there are many of those LOL!) is once I have this image in my head..there is no talking me out of it.  I knew I didn’t have crushed red velvet fabric for a backdrop.  I also habitually run into the problem of having something in my head and then not being able to find it ANYWHERE.  I knew I didn’t want to have to spend time or money searching for red crushed velvet at my local fabric stores.  That’s when I took a step back and said “Okay Bec..what do you have that would work?” and inspiration struck. 

“Ways in which you never thought you would use your kids old Halloween costumes.”


Yes!  That was my daughters Halloween costume from a couple years ago sitting in a box in the kids playroom.  It was the right color, texture and bonus…it had some black lace detail accents…more DRAMA!  Perfect background curtain material.  So if you are having trouble finding a background for you photos, don’t forget to check out the kids dress up box.Smile

I Got The Blues for my Party Dress

I adored the dress that she came in originally so it was difficult for me to take it off of her…but I managed…for none other than a Bogue’s Vogues.  

Model:  Party Dress Silkstone Barbie

Gown:  Bogue’s Vogues (



20121019-IMG_0270-Editwmsized 20121019-IMG_0247-Editwmsized20121019-IMG_0281-Editwmsized

Gala Gown…The Studio Shots

Gala Gown Silkstone Barbie:  No more than 6500 worldwide.  She retails for  a whopping $150.00….and I paid it with gladness in my heart because I LOVE THIS DOLL.

The detail on the gown ( as you will see in the detail shots) are fabulous.  The gown is a soft butter yellow and is so frothy every ‘girly’ tendency you have in your body will stand up and cheer.  Her hair is a deep red like the platinum ‘Joyeux’ or ‘The Siren’.  Her skin tone is pale like CC Debut.  The outfit is completed with a pair of silver star rhinestone studded drop earrings , grey chiffon ruched gloves and soft grey strappy slingbacks.  There is a hint of grey tulle under the butter yellow gown so it is full and flowing.  The fabric on the gown is incredibly soft…LOVE! 

Mr Best …….         




The hair is set but not crusty clumped and caked. This is good because the hair is soft…the bad part is the hair can be messed up easily so take care with it.






And….Rebecca having fun with her macro lens AGAIN.


And some fun with photoshop and Mattel’s promo shot.  I think she is even better than Mattel’s promo shot and that just doesn’t happen that often.  Please don’t reproduce this photo as It’s Mattel’s image on another background. 

Gala gown at the palace

The BFMC 2013 Atelier Collection: A peek into next year?

Okay…so you all know I am a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to Silkstone Barbies right?  I was so excited when I learned that Robert Best was continuing the design aesthetics of the 1950’s and early 60’s for his 2013 BFMC collection.  This was the “heyday” of the haute couture design houses and for many epitomized glamour.    I absolutely adore that time in fashion so it stands to reason I am anxious to hear about and see sneaks with what we can expect next year.  As I stated in my previous post, I believe we received a very solid sneak of one doll.  It would appear that she will be blond, possibly platinum blond, with a back ponytail hairstyle.  I can’t tell if she has bangs or not.  To me, it kind of looks like “Movie Mixer” with black bows but I could be completely off on that one so don’t hold me to it.  It would also appear that she has a cream boat necked cocktail gown with black tulle overlay and accent lace at the bottom. There is black bow detail at the bust and waist.  It also looks like she is wearing white gloves.There was a most deliberate shot in the video of him working on this sketch and dipping his brush in water and releasing a light blue paint.  There has to be some blue in this lady somewhere I am thinking ( blue bows?? blue accent somewhere).  It looks like she will have bows on her black shoes as well…how cute!.  Now….before I get going full force on my speculation train here folks…please realize these are all guesses.  I have no information from Mattel save the video that we all can see so …take everything I say with a grain of salt.  Disclaimer ended.  We do know however, that Mr. Best’s designs for next year with have a flavor of Spring.  He shared that at convention.  So I am thinking lighter colors and softer fabrics.

** pictures are from video from Mattel therefore owned by Mattel.  Please don’t copy or reproduce**

2013 Atelier Sneak Peak 1

The other shot from the video that was intriguing me yesterday is this one…yes, I know it’s blurry but it was the best I could do.

2013 Atelier Sneak Peak 2


There was another scene right before this one that showed him removing a piece of fabric from a sketch of a doll in a dark colored ( blue maybe?) suit with hat.  The sketch said specifically Atelier part II so I am thinking we may see another day suit with a hat.  Yippee!!  I will never be upset about more suits with hats.  It also looks like there is a sketch with a redhead in a soft palette suit with pink/peachy turban style hat.  Oh My Word!!  My hat fetish just started doing the rhumba.  There is also a sketch to the left there of what appears to be an evening gown with feathered type headpiece…kind of Gloria Swansonish.  Again, I have no idea if any of these sketches will be produced but they are far enough along to have detail sketches and fabric swatches.  I smell….production. 

The Holy Grails of Silkstone Barbie Collecting

I wrote a few days ago about Integrity Toys and the limited editions of their upcoming collection.  It got me to thinking about edition sizes in general and the impact it can have on collecting.  When you begin collecting anything, especially fashion dolls,  you usually run into the availability issue fairly quickly.  You learn that limited availability means higher price and, in some cases, a treasure hunt of epic proportions.  These rare and limited items become known as “collector holy grails” and the fervor with which one pursues acquirement can be intense.  It depends on the collector. 

I have to say I have acquired a couple “holy grails” in my time as a collector.  The funny thing is..I never really pursued them strongly…it was more a matter of being at the right place at the right time.  I know that I had done my homework and knew what a fair price was for these items and I always had my antennae up for information about things on my “holy grail” list …perhaps that just means I was always in pursuit.  Man I need therapy.  Anywhoo…the point is an opportunity would come up to acquire a “holy grail” and I would either act or let it go by.  If you are plugged into the doll community ( read and contribute to doll boards, doll manufacturer websites and collector blogs)  it can make the hunt easier and a whole lot of fun.  I have met some of the most generous and lovely people in my pursuit for the holy grails of my collection..or…come out of it with some of the best stories involving my collection.  Wow!…  aren’t you curious now?!

When I began collecting Silkstone Barbies years ago, I soon learned that there were a number of dolls that were held above others.  Mostly, these dolls were revered because they had a very small edition size and that of course improved their resale value and their collectability.  Most highly collectible Silkstone Barbies are the platinum editions ( limit to 1,000 or less edition size).   Many of them were offered through F.A.O Schwarz and were different hair color variations of another doll.

All Edition size information is from The Collectors Encyclopedia of Barbie 2008 edition by Michael Augustyniak

1.Barbie Fashion Model Collection 2003 Chataine Barbie

   Edition size: 600


2.  Barbie Fashion Model Collection 2003 Joyeux Barbie –redhead

    Edition size: 999C2589

3.  Barbie Fashion Model Collection 2005 Trace of Lace Barbie – blonde

     Edition size: 500 ( designed exclusively for the Japanese Collector)

Trace of Lace platinum

4.  Barbie Fashion Model Collection 2006 Dahlia

    Edition size: 999


5.  Barbie Fashion Model Collection 2006 Violette

     Edition size:  999

J42546.  Barbie Fashion Model Collection 2007 The Soiree – blonde

     Edition size:  999

M6195 7.  NBDCC Golden Gala

      Edition Size:  Unknown by skin type..but considered less than 1,000 total for both skin types

** note** This was the only Silkstone ever given as a convention gift.  Given to 2009 National Barbie Doll Collector Convention attendees to commemorate Barbie’s 50’s anniversary.  Each attendee received either a Caucasian skin tone or African American skin tone depending on what they selected with their registration packet**




If you are a Silkstone Barbie collector, you may have noticed I have left out a few…read on.

Within these platinum edition Silkstones, there are a few items that have such a limited edition size that it classifies them as the holiest of holy grails. 

1.  Barbie Fashion Model Collection 2000 Display Case – Retail Version

Edition Size:  Couldn’t find a substantiated number but let’s just say much less than 175

“This case was provided to select dealers selling the 2000 Barbie Fashion Model Collection.  Both the blue sign atop the case and the front panels of the case say “Limited Edition.”  The front middle panel is hinged for ease in arranging the two fashion mannequins and the easel with sign in front of the glamorous ballroom backdrop.  A plastic holder containing 50 Barbie Fashion Model Collection booklets could be placed beside the case.  Note the lower middle panel of the case which introduces customers to the features of the new Silkstone Lingerie Barbie dolls. “  –from Collectors Encyclopedia of Barbie Dolls 2008 Edition by J. Michael Augustyniak


2.  Barbie Fashion Model Collection 2001 Limited Edition Display Case

    Edition Size:  175

“Was offered through a Barbie Collectibles by Mail catalog in an edition of 175 for $250.00.  This display case is very similar to the 2000 retailer display case except that the words “ Limited Edition” have been deleted from both the blue sign atop the display case as well as the lower front base itself.  Also, below the “Barbie” name on the case’s , lower front middle panel, this case has no words, whereas the case provided to dealers in 2000 lists the features of the new Silkstone dolls.” -from Collectors Encyclopedia of Barbie Dolls 2008 Edition by J. Michael Augustyniak



3.  Barbie Fashion Model Collection 2003 City Smart Barbie

Edition size:  600 ( 400 were sold on the Japanese market and 200 were sold to members of  the Official Barbie Collector’s Club in the U.S.)


Here She Is! Mattel Releases Photos of New Silkstone Barbie

Mattel has finally released promotional photos for the final Silkstone offering of 2012.  She is indeed the yellow gowned lady whose sketch was floated around the doll boards about a month ago.  She doesn’t have a name or price yet….hold on to your pocketbooks folks….I suspect she will be pricey.  They are saying she will be available in the fall of 2012.  This one is a complete no brainer for me.  A redhead in yellow?!  I die.  Fall can’t get here soon enough!

**edit**  Just heard from my dealer that her name is “Gala Gown” and price is $150.00.  To preorder, feel free to visit Windy City Dolls 

**note** photo is property of Mattel Inc.



If you are a Barbie Fan Club Member, you can see more photos under their “sneak peak” folder in the forums.

Afternoon Suit Silkstone–Dior’s “New Look” reimagined in 1/6 scale

The year was 1947 and a new designer Christian Dior seemed to be thumbing his nose at the still lingering austerity measures of post WWII and put yards and yards of fabric into the silhouettes of his “New Look”.  If you look it up in the dictionary, the “New Look” was defined by a narrow waist and full pleated skirt.  If you are a fan of fashion at all, you have seen this iconic photo.

the new look 1947

Or have seen it on display at a museum…..


43-dior-haute-couture-fall-winter-2009-15Christian Dior Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture da0d5xHekoJl

John Galliano paid homage to the house that employed him and reimagined this famous look for Dior in his Fall/Winter 2009 Haute Couture Collection.

It is a completely timeless look and it would not surprise me if  Robert Best was inspired by it for his Atelier Silkstone collection.


***Photo is property of Mattel, Inc.***

Model:  Afternoon Suit Silkstone Barbie

Edition size: No more than 4300 Worldwide

Gold label and BFC exclusive…you must be a member to get this lovely lady.

Mannequin: BFC gift with 2012 membership

Backdrop:  Made by the lovely Sheree (

20120317-IMG_8446-EditwmsizedYou can even backlight the backdrop…cool effect!

                               20120317-IMG_8440-Editwmsized  20120317-IMG_8441-Editwmsized



            20120317-IMG_8497-Editwmsized 20120317-IMG_8485-Editwmsized

                                20120317-IMG_8491-Editwmsized 20120317-IMG_8488-Editwmsized