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Fashion Royalty Convention 2011–Day Two

Well I’m off and running this morning.  The schedule is as follows:

Sales Room( picking up the new silhouettes!!), Competition Room and Raffle Room in the morning

Poppy Parker Luncheon

Rerooting workshop in the afternoon

The Color Infusion Dinner and Pucci Fashion Party


I will try my best to get photos processed and posted but it may well be tomorrow before I am able to post.  Keep an eye on my flickr for cell phone snaps of the centerpieces at todays functions.

Fashion Royalty Convention 2011–Living the Jet Set Life Welcome Dinner

All I can say is WOW what an evening!!  I started out meeting up with some friends before dinner.  Here are the lovely Barb  of Windy City Dolls, Steven Fraser of Dressmaker Details and Hilda of Bellissima Couture.

Someone had dressed the new Most Wanted Elise in Steven’s new convention fashion and she looked fabulous!

We entered the ballroom and saw that the centerpiece was a gorgeous Kyori in red and black with a black hat.  You know me and hats.  LOVED IT…and…I won the right to purchase her.  Yipeeee.


After dinner, Integrity introduced a couple of new direct exclusive products that would available to conventioners in limited editions of 300 per item.

First up were Bare Essentials Night and Day dolls.  ** pictures are screenshots of photos that are property of Integrity Toys, Inc. **


Next up was the City Girl

Then a new guy…Backstage Ambition

The next couple of products literally had me hyperventilating.  The new line is called Les Silhouettes and it is so exactly what I love that I was instantly in love.  The first new character in this line is called Victoire Roux.

And there is one new fashion in this line called Avenue Montaigne

Because of the limited availability of these direct IT products, each table host handed out envelopes to each member at the table with 4 random tickets for the right to purchase  these products.  I was so wanting to get tickets for the silhouette products and I was lucky to get tickets for both plus the right to purchase Backstage Ambition and Bare Essentials Night.  I can’t wait to see these dolls!!!  We will have the opportunity to purchase these in the sales room tomorrow.  I hope to have real life photos up tomorrow!

Last but certainly not least, we all received a beautiful doll with Anja face sculpt and I am sorry to say I did not catch her name because I was too busy admiring the doll LOL!

We were also given the first piece of our convention gift set which was a lovely yellow pant outfit with peach shoes.  I believe I heard that the doll will be a new sculpt but don’t quote me on it.

The beautiful things I brought back to my room from this dinner are amazing.

The amazing collection for the day is mind boggling!!

And this is just for today!!!  I am officially having an amazing time. Winking smile

Fashion Royalty Convention 2011–Registration and Salesroom

Registration went very smoothly.  Here is a picture of what we received

We received our nametag, a sling backpack ( very cool!), mini combs, a little survival pack with band aids, Tylenol and wetwipes ( very useful ) and the all important empty box.  This box signifies we will be getting components to fill it.  Exciting!

After Registration, we waited in line for the sales room to open.


For many, the waiting was a fun party and a chance to visit with friends.

Kimberly is excited about the box….or more importantly what is going to go IN the box.

I love the interactive maps they have at the hotel.  Clarence is checking it out.


Finally the wait was over and we could enter the sales room.  The convention collection was as follows

Vivid Impact Agnes Von Weiss Dressed Doll

Most Wanted Elise Jolie Dress Doll FR2

Style Counsel Adèle Makéda and Véronique Perrin Two Doll Giftset

Mission Control Imogen Dressed Doll ( Nu.Face Collection)

High Toned Rayna Dressed Doll ( Nu.Face Collection)

Brightness Calls Isha Dressed Doll

Simply Simpatico Poppy Parker and Darla Two Doll Gift Set


I would have to say the Elise Jolie is my favorite so far.

I love the ball gowns so she really stood out for me.  I also liked Agnes

I left the sales room with some gorgeous Dressmaker Details outfits and the DD Convention exclusive “ Beautiful Beaux”.  They had some new shoe packs for FR2 and Poppy Parker.  Here is the sales room loot for the day


That’s it for now.  I will try and post a short entry this evening to share the evening events.  I will be attending the “Living the Jet Set Life Welcome Dinner”

Fashion Royalty Convention–Day One

I arrived in Chicago yesterday evening and am looking forward to sharing the experience of my first F.R. convention.  The schedule this morning and afternoon is as follows:

Registration 9:00AM

Run around taking pictures until 11:00AM  – (let’s be honest folks…I’m going to be talking to people for a good chunk of this too LOL!)

Grab some lunch 11:30AM

Get in line for Salesroom 12:00PM

Sales Room Opens…..what we are all waiting for! 1:00PM

I hope to be able to post photos soon after I leave the salesroom so everyone can see real life photos of the convention collection.  Will see how it goes.

In the meantime…here is a little glimpse of how Rebecca starts her day….command central for convention.


Live from Chicago….It’s Fashion Royalty Convention 2011


I will be flying to Chicago today for my very first Fashion Royalty convention and I am sooooo excited.  I can’t wait to reconnect with and meet the many new friends I have made online and at other doll conventions.  This convention is smaller than the mega convention that is Barbiecon.  There will be 450 attendees and it is a sold out event.  I will be attending a workshop on rerooting (very excited to learn a better technique) and a workshop on the Integrity doll process – how things are made.  I am not carting my big camera gear to this convention so will have to make do with my trusty point and shoot.  I anticipate uploading some photos directly to my flickr account from my phone.   I hope to update the blog daily but will have to see how it goes.