Barbie for big girls.

Victoire Roux

Bellissima Couture is having an Event!

Hilda is calling it “Pretty Things” and my oh my are there many pretty things on her blog.  She has very limited editions of these gorgeous creations so if you are interested RUN don’t walk to her blog….

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Champs-Élysées Victoire Roux!

It’s that time again….time for an Integrity toys lottery involving a doll I NEED!  This one is a little different however in that not just WClub members will be eligible for the lottery but anyone who wants to try for this lady will be allowed a ticket as well.  She is being offered through DOLLS magazine.  Her edition size is 500 and she will be $125.

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Her accessories


So…if you are interested in finding out more about this lottery and how to get a ticket click on the picture bellow and it will take you to the DOLLS magazine site.  There you will find a write up on Miss Victoire and the information about how to get a ticket in this lottery.  You will have until August 13th at 5PM CDT to get a ticket. My ticket is already sitting in my hot little hands or rather in my hotmail inbox….Oh luck be a lady for me the week of August 13th!!


Victoire Roux–A New WClub Lottery

Integrity introduced a new character as part of their IT Direct Exclusive line at convention last year.  Her name is Victoire Roux and everything about her is what I like to collect.  In particular the clothing is all about the classic lines of the 1940’s and 50’s.   This lovely Ms. Victoire will be offered up via lottery and based on the feedback from the boards, many are entering for the chance to buy.  I don’t even think I had to think about this one….my hands were on the keys to enter this lottery before I even finished reading the email from the WClub.   Ohhhh how I hope I win the chance to purchase this lovely lady.  If not, I will be begging….oh yes….I will be begging.

Item #76003
Avenue George V
Victoire Roux™ Dressed Doll
IT Direct Exclusive
Suggested Retail Price: $125.00 US
Limited Edition of 285 Dolls Worldwide

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