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Fashion Royalty

Integrity Toys is putting on its “Funny Face”

At the Fashion Royalty 2012 convention, Integrity Toys gave attendees a tantalizing peak into 2013 and some projects in the works.  We were asked not to take photos and I ( like a good girl) set my camera down on the table and listened instead of reported.  I decided I didn’t want to blog about it until I had some photos.  Integrity Toys released a photo to Dolls Magazine for their January edition  and all of us bloggers received the green light to share.

Integrity toys is doing a Funny Face collection!!!  Kudos to Integrity Toys for they are, I believe, paying homage to one of the richest displays of haute couture fashion in a movie. Hubert de Givenchy designed Ms. Hepburn’s wardrobe in this classic and in so doing gave us a gift that keeps on giving each and every time we watch the movie.  It never dies for me…I am floored by the beauty of the couture every single time. 

"His are the only clothes in which I am myself. He is far more than a couturier, he is a creator of personality," Hubert de Givenchy’s muse Audrey Hepburn said of the designer.

2013 Funny Face Ad

Given that they are taking on a movie that was elevated to cult status by Hubert de Givenchy fashions, Integrity has given themselves a high mountain to climb to satisfy the couture snobs among us.  I don’t know which one of Integrity’s designers took on this mammoth job but I suspect..they are up to the challenge.  I am waiting with baited breath to see what they have planned.  Integrity has stated that Funny Face will be one of the collections that will be officially unveiled to the 2013 W Club later this month during their first upcoming 2013 online event . If you want the info first, you will need to become a WClub member. Registration is currently open but will be closing on January 16th. For more information about this please see my blog post

The doll:  What we know.   She is the Veronique version 1 face sculpt on a Poppy Parker body ( if memory serves correctly).  Based on board feedback,some collectors are happy that Integrity is bringing back some of the older original face molds.   I for one think it’s brilliant.  You make fans of the older and much loved face sculpts happy and you use it to bring in new collectors with a fun an interesting twist.  Some are not too sure about the Poppy Parker body she is reported to be on.  I am thrilled.  This means the clothing will most likely be interchangeable with my Poppy’s ( HUGE BONUS!!) and some of my silkies too {{YES!!}}.  The possibilities for redressing and photographing are giving me reason to hyperventilate right here and now.  {Rebecca takes a moment to collect herself….okay onward with the blog post}

Okay, Okay….so speculation is running rampant on the WClub board as to what outfits will be reproduced for this collection.  My wish would be…ALL OF THEM!  Hubert de Givenchy is a genius!  Realistically however I am thinking, like Sabrina, there will be 4 or possibly 5 dolls with outfits produced.  So…which ones will they be?  My memory recalls that the picture we saw at convention had this Veronique above in the classic  “Take the picture, take the picture” red gown with her descending the stairs in the Louvre with Winged Victory gloriously displayed behind her.  That’s the iconic gown that most people remember from this movie and it was reproduced for the 2008 NBDCC convention in Kansas City.

Audrey Hepburn in funny face red gown 1

** Photo courtesy of Mattel and**

Joie de vivre collage copy

If Integrity does this one, as I suspect they are, that leaves possibly 4 more that could also be produced ( and I am just guessing here folks on what MIGHT be produced based on what they did with Sabrina last year).  Continuing on my complete speculation train…here are the outfits I am hoping to see…in no particular order

1.  The Wedding dress…come on guys…they HAVE to do this one!  Has this ever been produced for 1/6 scale?  I don’t recall ever seeing it but then I have not been in the collecting arena as long as some of my readers so.. feel free to call me on this one.  I know some amazing OOAK artists have done this one but have never seen it manufactured in larger numbers.

Audrey Hepburn in funny face bridal gown 2

Audrey Hepburn in funny face bridal gown 4

Audrey Hepburn in funny face bridal gown 3

The incomparable Hubert de Givenchy as he fitted Ms. Hepburn for this costume.

Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face 7

2.  The exquisite white and pink princess gown.  I remember seeing this in the movie when I was younger and feeling my jaw drop.  Didn’t we all want to be her at that very moment??!!  Matt Sutton and Natalia Sheppard brought us close with their amazing OOAK’s Smile Oh the pink/white glory of that gown and jewels…..

**Picture below is courtesy of Matt Sutton and Natalia Sheppard  You can also find more of Natalia’s work on Flickr at**

Matt Sutton and Natalia Sheppard collage copy

Audrey Hepburn in funny face pinkwhite gown 1

Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face 10

Audrey Hepburn in funny face pinkwhite gown 2

3.  The flower shop.  I have always wanted this one produced….for the hat alone LOL!  The problem with this one will be…My OCD will have me recreating the entire flower shop for a photo shoot.  {Snort!}Audrey Hepburn in funny face flower shop 4

Audrey Hepburn in funny face flower shop


4.  My fourth and final pick.  This was a hard one and I went back and forth between three…that glorious green coat from the Opera scene, the floral embroidered gown in front of the fountain with the birds or the polka dot gown with the unforgettable aqua cape.  The polka dots won.

Audrey Hepburn in funny face whiteblack 2

Audrey Hepburn in funny face whiteblack 1

Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face 6

I would love to see three other gowns produced but know it would be impossible to produce all of these.  This is my blog however, and I can wish for what I want to wish for Smile

Audrey Hepburn in funny face dove 1


Audrey Hepburn in funny face dove 2


Audrey Hepburn in funny face opera 1


Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face 2

Audrey Hepburn in funny face balloons 1

Oh and one last one in closing…..

Audrey Hepburn in funny face fishing 2

Audrey Hepburn in funny face fishing 1

I always thought the hat above inspired Robert Best for his Garden Party outfit hat.

** photo courtesy of Mattel, Inc. and**

Garden Party sketch

Anywhoo…. This is turning into a mammoth sized post. A reminder….Integrity has stated that Funny Face will  be one of the collections that will be officially unveiled to the 2013 W Club later this month during their first upcoming 2013 online event! .  If you want the info first, you will need to become a WClub member.  Registration is currently open but will be closing on January 16th.  For more information about this please see my blog post

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ITFDS Vanity Fair Cover…tweaked to perfection

Next time..somebody please remind me to wait a day before posting.  I was not perfectly happy with the previous group photo and that should have told me right there.  Here is what I am perfectly happy with Smile

Vanity Fair Collage 3 copy

2012 ITFDS Favorites

At the end of each year, a flurry of photos floods Flickr and doll boards with groupings of collectors favorite dolls for the year.  I always have these grand ideas of doing a group photo too and never seem to get around to it .  This year, I had a flash of  inspiration and decided I was going to MAKE the time to do it…so.. here it is.  I was inspired by this years Vanity Fair Hollywood Edition.

In no particular order, my favorite dolls for 2012 are

1) Glam Addict Giselle

2) Gala Gown Silkstone Barbie

3) Fame by Frame Imogen

4) Lilac Frost Poppy Parker

5) High Profile Eugenia

20121229-IMG_0460-Editwmsizedwordsadvertisement copy







Inspiration photo…..

Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue 2012

Seasons Greetings from ITFDS

After a couple of weeks of absolute holiday craziness…I am sure you all can relate….I have finally finished editing photos of the doll room and surround for your viewing pleasure.  Because I have some avid pinners out there who are still pinning from my skydrive when I have asked “Please, please , please don’t do that ( you know who you are), I will not be posting all the photos in a slideshow.  I have , however, put together a slideshow set to music which I have uploaded to youtube and am sharing here too.  I will share a few stills but the bulk of the photos are in the slideshow.  There are over 100 photos in the slideshow so a little something for everybody Smile 

Happy Holidays!  From my doll room to your home, I hope you enjoy the photos and slideshow.  I also want to take this opportunity to say a huge, huge “Thank You” to my readers and commenters.  You a phrase…”why I do what I do”.  I thank you all for your support and encouragement.  I hope in 2013 that my work will continue to interest you.20121205-958A9757wmsized










Note****  If you want to see the high resolution version of this, you need to tell the youtube player on your scrren to give you the highest quality.  It’s one of the small icons on the bottom right of the youtube screen**

WClub 2013 Registration Now Open!!

It is always a treat to see what Integrity Toys has lined up for a new club year and 2013 doesn’t disappoint.  Current club members received sneak peaks about a week ago and today, full information and registration links were disclosed.  Here is a taste of what 2013 will bring WClub members. 

Fashion Royalty Upgrade Doll

Love That One Kyori Sato


Love that one Kyori Sato collage

Poppy Parker Upgrade Doll

To The Fair! Poppy Parker

To The Fair! PP collage copy

“And More Perks…

You’ll get access to  MEMBERS-ONLY exclusive online events where the IT design team unveil their latest creations. The first online event will take place in approximately late January right when the 2013 W Club officially starts for the year! Everyone loves these online events and you won’t want to miss this one!

For 2013, every member will have an opportunity (in addition to the upgrade dolls) to pre-order two Club-exclusive Fashion Royalty dolls, one exclusive Poppy Parker doll and one exclusive Victoire Roux doll! “ 

Okay, Okay I.T…you had me at Victoire Roux doll….you had me at Victoire Roux doll. Smile


“All 2013 W Club members will be guaranteed the ability to purchase a Club-only exclusive JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS™* doll! In addition to this exclusive JEM Club doll, members will also receive first to know JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS™* dolls updates!

And there will be more lotteries, more exclusives and more surprises during the year!”


Jem and the Holograms

There are more perks as well.  For more information on the WClub and what it’s all about, click on the photo below and read the brochure(pdf file). NOTE*** Registration has a firm deadline of 9PM CST, January 16th, 2013. If you are at all interested, look for links at the bottom of this post for more information and registration process. Once registration is closed, there are no more opportunities to sign up until December of next year***

Registration Logo

Not a WClub member??  Want to be one??  Just click on the picture below to go directly to the registration page.

Registration Logo 2

I am sooooo signing up for this again.  I have been a member for 5 years and have never been disappointed. 

Flickr 2012

Sorry for the long delay between posts guys.  Things have been super busy with photo-shoots lately so…sadly….no doll time.  Finished my last job for the holidays this past week ( or least the photo shoot part) so I can put some more time into the blog…yippeee!!

Since I don’t have any new photos to share today..but soon…I promise, I will bring up some favorites from the year.  If you are a Flickr member and contributor, you have most likely seen many of these already.  At the end of the year, many of the fabulous collectors and photographers on Flickr post their most viewed, most favorited, most commented on and personal favorite photos for the year.  I decided to participate this year and wanted to share it here as well.  It was a hard choice to come up with a personal favorite so I am going to also share the runners-up for my personal favorite photo.  If you had a favorite this year, feel free to comment.  I would love to hear what people are responding to and what they would like to see more of.

Flickr 2012 copy

And now for the runners up for my personal favorite photo…..

1st Runner Up


2nd Runner Up


3rd Runner Up

20121005-IMG_9937-Editwmsizedbackground copy

Decking the Halls with Paintbox Designs

One of my favorite things about being part of the collecting community is discovering amazing OOAK fashions for our diminutive divas.   This past June, Pam Seeman of Paintbox Designs brought her fabulous fashions to the National Barbie Convention for the first time.  I think it is fair to say she and her fashions were a huge hit.  Paintbox Designs has been a fixture at Fashion Royalty convention but this year was the first time we had the pleasure of seeing and purchasing her fashions for Ms. Barbie.  I must have spent a good thirty minutes at her table…along with a whole host of other shoppers and walked away with some beautiful OOAK outfits.  I adore the floaty rose fabric she used for the skirt of Dasha’s dress.  Loni’s dress is one of her signature designs and it never disappoints.  I must have this design in at least three different colors.  You can find Pam and Paintbox Designs at

Models:  FR2 Always Polished Dasha and Lemon Crush Loni Lawrence

Gowns: Paintbox Designs (

Shoes: FR2 “Shoe Win” shoe pack from 2012 FR convention( Dasha), Mattel (Loni)

Set:  Feather trees in 15’” and 18” from Target.  Repainted chair is Petit Luxury Arm Chair for Pullip.

It looks like Dasha is completely bored at the country club holiday party…LOL!

Paintbox Designs postcard 2




‘Out Sass’ Inspiration?

Ever since this doll’s photos were released, a little birdie has been sitting on my shoulder saying “You have seen that jacket before.”  I decided to go and check my file of favorite fashions I keep from the previous seasons fashion shows and “Eureka!” 

I loved this suit when I saw it..hence the saved link to the picture…and I am happy to see it as an inspiration for a 1/6 design by the talented folks at Integrity. 

Out Sass inspiration copy

** Photo credit Integrity Toys, Inc and**

Integrity Toys Offers to “Out Sass” the WClub

Integrity Toys announces their second and final  Fashion Royalty 12 inch WClub exclusive for 2012.  There is still one more 16 inch exclusive doll to unveil but this is the final 12 inch Fashion Royalty offering for the year.  If you are member of the 2012 WClub, you have the option to purchase one of these beauties.

Out Sass
Vanessa Perrin Dressed Doll
Fall 2012 FR W Club Exclusive
Suggested Retail Price: $125

Limited Edition: TBA

Special W Club Member Pricing: $125.00

Approximate Ship Date: Late Winter/Early Spring 2013

**Pictures are property of Integrity Toys, Inc.**

Out Sass Vanessa 1
Okay….so typically I adhere to the philosophy that the total is the sum of it’s parts.  In the case of this doll…I think it’s worth thinking about the individual parts instead of the sum it is showing here.  Am I justifying the purchase of this doll???  Most likely…. but stay with me here:

1) Purple fur?  Not feeling it with this outfit unless she is planning a late night walking kind of profession but partner that fur with a black evening dress and then we might have something.

2) Green Jacket with rose colored skirt and purple belt….not feeling that either.  However, put that jacket with another dress or skirt and we will have a winner.  Same thing with the skirt.  Purple belt?…will need to keep thinking on that.

3) Boots and purse….not feeling those with this outfit but on their own with something else…oh yeah.

4) The hat.  Not feeling it with this outfit but can always use another black hat.

5) Fishnets:  Works with the edgy outfit concept so another keeper item.

6) The Doll.  A redheaded Vanessa 3.0  Don’t really need to justify anything else…I’m buying.

Out Sass Vanessa 2 Out Sass Vanessa 3Out Sass Vanessa 4

7) Lace overlay top has potential as well.  That is actually something that works with that skirt in my opinion.

Out Sass Vanessa 7

Out Sass Vanessa 9

Integrity Toys, Inc. is ready for their close up…

…as they bring collectors an iconic character from the classic film noir movie Sunset Boulevard. 

Sunset blvd movie poster

Here is the write up from Integrity Toys, Inc.:

“Integrity Toys, Inc., in collaboration with Paramount Pictures Corporation, is proud to introduce an ultra-detailed collectible doll inspired by the iconic character of Norma Desmond in the movie Sunset Boulevard, which will be available in late November 2012 just in time to celebrate the release of this iconic film on Blu-Ray!
Praised by many critics when first released, Sunset Boulevard was nominated for eleven Academy Awards® and won three. It is widely accepted as a classic, often cited as one of the greatest films of American cinema. Deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the U.S. Library of Congress in 1989, Sunset Boulevard was included in the first group of films selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.
With its larger than life and over the top leading character and stark view on stardom, Sunset Boulevard made a lasting impression on both film making and acting.

About the Doll
This fully articulated 12" vinyl doll has applied eyelashes and a fully rooted dramatic hairstyle closely inspired by the character of Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard. Using a Giselle head mold on a Nu.Face body, the Norma Desmond doll comes wearing the dramatic black ensemble that the character wears when she decides to pay a surprise visit to her former movie director on the set of his latest film. The look is composed of a sophisticated long sleeved black dress, topped with a reversible short "fur" caplet with matching "fur" muff, a dramatic black hat with a single white feather perfectly placed on the front, a faux-diamond jewelry set and black pumps. The doll also comes with a doll stand and a certificate of authenticity. Ages 14 & up. “

To set the stage a little…here is a promotional shot from the movie and a sketch by the famous costume designer Edith Head.

Norma Desmond

Edith Head sketch Norma Desmond

**The sketch above was found at  an amazing blog I found while researching this piece.  Check out the blog at**

And here is Integrity’s interpretation of Norma Desmond.  I LOVE it!!!

Norma Desmond
Sunset Boulevard Commemorative Collectible Doll
Limited Edition of 500 Dolls
Suggested Retail Price: $119.00 USD
Estimated Date of Arrival: Week of November 19, 2012

Norma Desmond 1

Norma Desmond 2

Norma Desmond 3

Norma Desmond 4

Contact your Integrity Toys dealer ASAP if interested in purchasing this lady.  WClub members received information about her a few days ago and word is, she is a hot seller.  To find an authorized Integrity Toys dealer go here

Huckleberry Jackson Couture

As a blogger, photographer and participating collector within the fashion doll collecting community, I am constantly amazed at the creativity and talent of my fellow members.  Huckleberry Jackson is one of these insanely talented members.  I have watched his talent grow exponentially for the past couple of years not just as a designer of custom 1/6 fashions but also as a marketer of his product.  Every outfit he designs is wonderfully displayed and photographed on a perfectly styled and uber chic model.  He just announced his latest collection and I received his permission to share some of the photos here.  His collection will be up for sale Sunday, November 4th at 9PM CET ( Central European Time) on his website

I asked the designer for a word or two about his inspiration for this collection and his response was “For this collection I didn’t´t have a theme, and it´s the first time actually. I started the collection with my own dolls in mind and wanted this time to keep a copy of each design to myself, so it´s like I design a main display outfit for each of my favorite dolls. It was really the dolls themself that inspired the outfits.”  There may not be a definitive theme but there is an impressive range.  He has romantic, sophisticated,edgy, flirty and just plain fun.  There certainly appears to be something for everyone in this collection.  For the lucky few who will be the new owners of these diminutive couture creations today, you will own a piece of art in my opinion and a piece of inspiration from one of the truly creative hearts of this collecting community.

I can’t possibly do his creations justice with words so I will just show you his work.

To Huckleberry Jackson… I tip my hat .tip hat smiley

** All images are owned by Huckleberry Jackson, and are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. Do NOT copy or reproduce in any way shape or form.   Photos are being displayed on Inside The Fashion Doll Studio with permission from Huckleberry Jackson **


Grey lace dress decorated with brown leather and lined in rosé silk. It comes with the matching clutch and beret.




White and blue patterned cotton dress. It comes with a brown leather cape bolero and a matching clutch. A pair of white lace tights are also included. (note: the pattern on the dress is a bit different on each copy




Salmon pink silk chiffon blouse and skirt, comes with a beige and grey blue polka cape jacket and the matching thights. A brown faux leather purse is also included.




Black and white polka cotton dress. It comes with the matching tights, headpiece and hatcase. (Note: the pattern on the outfit might vary on each copy).




White lace mini pantsuit. It comes with a pair of black and white silk pants, a pair of black tights and black leather purse, belt and oversized hat.



And this is not all of it folks!!  For more amazing photos of this fantastic set of 1/6 scale custom fashions visit Huckleberry’s Flickr photostream at or visit Huckleberry Jacksons website at

The Lady in Red: Part Three

A change of models, couture and hats.  I have had this hat for a year and on this model for almost as long but just have not gotten around to photographing her…bad me.  I am a big fan of the Integrity Toys FR2 Fashion Royalty line.  The high couture slimmer articulated body makes for great poseability. I just wish their feet were the same size as the others…it can be a bit of a pain to find the right pair of shoes because the choices are limited.  Integrity Toys is trying, in my opinion, to make up for that a bit by gifting us with some amazing shoe sets at their convention every year. Now, if they could make a shoe set available to the WClub each year {hint, hint}, that would be fantastic!

I would have to say that of all the FR2 characters, Elise is my “go to” girl. I feel she has an eastern European look and to me that epitomizes high fashion in all the fashion magazines right now.  I think it’s the cheekbones…she has KILLER cheekbones.  I guess you could take away from this blog that it’s all about 1) the hat and 2) the cheekbones LOL!

Model and Shoes: FR2 “Engaging” Elise Jolie

Dress:  Bogue’s Vogues(

Hat:  Alyrenee(





Music is a huge part of my life.  Both of my kids play an instrument or in my son’s case, multiple instruments ( amazing to me because he has significant hearing loss…a regular Beethoven that kid).  There is always music of some kind playing at my house…so I wanted to share some of the music that influences the blog posts or the music that is playing during the photoshoots.  For this one, it was “This is Love” by …a big thanks to my daughter for pointing me to this song. Smile

The Lady In Red: Part Two

Model:  Fashion Royalty “Fascination” Monogram

Suit: Miniature Couture

Hat:  Jakki Peters

Jewelry:  Silkstone Barbie Mattel

Shoes:  FR2 “Engaging” Elise



   20121017-IMG_0210-Editwmsized 20121017-IMG_0213-Editwmsized 20121017-IMG_0206-Editwmsized

Your Kind of Model Kesenia..On Approach

Limited edition of 400.  I am normally not a big fan of the open mouth face mold but there was something about the platinum hair and the little black fur jacket that spoke to me.  Hope her promo shots are close the the actual doll.  I have to give Integrity a big high five on their accessories this year.  They are phenomenal!!  Now…if we could just get the delivery date a little closer to when they announce these beauties…life would be almost perfect.


As it has been a while since this doll was announced….here is a recap of her promo shots.

Kesenia collage

The Lady in Red: Part One

Photography, in my opinion, is just like any other art form.  Some days you can be inspired and others….nothin’.  When it comes to photographing my collection, this happens to me all the time.  Sometimes, I will be inspired by something that can fuel ideas for sets of shoots that will keep me in blogging material for a couple of weeks.  I love it when that happens!  I was inspired recently by one prop and a treasure trove of Jakki Peters hats that I picked up at the recent Fashion Royalty Convention.  The material that came out of those shoots has become some of my favorite shots for the entire year.  Hope you enjoy this series which I call….The Lady in Red. 

Model:  Fashion Royalty “Fascination” Monogram

Hat:  Jakki Peters ( gift from a table mate at FR convention)

Suit:  Miniature Couture

Flowers, earrings , Shoes and necklace: Silkstone Barbie

Flowers:  Market Place Silkstone Barbie


20121017-IMG_0186-Editwmsized copy


Doll Shoe Fun!

I am primarily a 1/6 scale doll collector  but I recently ran across something for the 1/4 scale collectors that I wanted to share.  I was perusing some of my favorite flickr threads the other day and ran across a photo posted by summer-sun  that had me clicking on additional links.

Louis Vuitton doll shoes

Fabrizio Viti is the style director for Louis Vuitton shoes.  Apparently, his own fashion doll collection has been a big inspiration for his designs.  The story begins here

Walking in Fabrizio Viti’s Shoes Part One

and continues here

 Walking in Fabrizio Viti’s shoes Part Two

They also have the coolest stop motion video and I have to say…I was mesmerized.

Thank you for sharing this summer-sun!!  To see more of summer-sun’s fantastic flickr photostream,go to

HP Eugenia…More Redressing Fun

My camera and I don’t seem to be able to get enough of this lady in red so I have a few more shots to share from a day of  redressing  fun.  My favorite set out of the three redresses is directly below.  I love Hilda’s dress and the fact that Ms. Eugenia is waiting to enjoy a glass of wine and perhaps a picnic as if to celebrate the autumn season.   Fall or Autumn ( however you call it) is one of my absolute favorite seasons…it means the holidays are right around the corner.  I love the smell of leaves, the vibrant colors of the season and those crisp foggy mornings where shafts of sun ( if we see it at all in the Pacific Northwest) fight their way through the foggy curtain.   It’s a dreamy sort of light and feel and I just adore it. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Model:  High Profile Eugenia

Dress:  Bellissima Couture (

Shoes: From gift pack given at 2012 Fashion Royalty Tropicalia convention

20121017-IMG_0141-Editwmsizedlogoframe copy


Dress:  Dressmaker Details red and gold sheath

Shoes:  From gift pack given at 2012 Fashion Royalty Tropicalia convention

Jewelry:  From HP Eugenia



Gown and earrings:  Palm Beach Coral Silkstone Barbie



And lastly…. a glimpse into the behind the scenes prop shop for this last week of photo shoots…

What's coming up ITFDS oct 2012

High Profile Eugenia…The Redress

Given that I saw old Hollywood when I saw this lady for the first time, it can come as no surprise that I went for glamour when it came to redressing her.  When it came to a brunette with cherry red lips…there was only one color I wanted to go with…RED. 

Model:  High Profile Eugenia

Gown: T.D. Fashions

Fur: Dimitha

Jewelry: High Profile Eugenia

20121015-IMG_0106-Editwmsizedwordsframe copy




High Profile Eugenia

I was not one of the lucky few who was picked to purchase this lovely lady.  I was, however, one of the lucky few blessed with knowing someone who wanted to sell theirs.  You know who you are and I love ya!  This lady just screams old Hollywood glamour…I see Eva Gardner, Jane Russel or even Sophia Loren

Brunette Bombshell collage

20121015-IMG_0074-Editwmsizedbwframedwords copy



Jordan and Dania….On Approach for Landing

…at Inside the Fashion Doll Studio.  I received notice from my most excellent dealer Barb that these two ladies are on their way to me.  Since it has been some time since these  were announced…{cough) ummm April…{cough},  I thought I would recap the particulars about these newest releases.  It seems like these dolls are coming out really, really late this year.  The bulk of the Integrity Toys 2012 lineup is still yet to come and I am afraid there will be an avalanche here in the next couple of months.  I better get my skis ready to ride it down.


“Always on her Mind” Dania Zarr

Edition Size: 450

When was she supposed to be delivered??  Early July {{Rebecca looks at her watch then looks at the screen and raises an eyebrow sarcastically}}

2012 Dania collage


“Trust your Instincts” Jordan

Edition Size: 450

When was she supposed to be delivered??  Early July…How do I feel about it??

Michaela's not impressed2012 Jordan collage

It looks like the influence for these two lovelies is the captain of Integrity’s design team Jason Wu.  This is from his 2012 Spring RTW show.

Jason Wu Spring 2012 RTW 1

As with the convention dolls, the accessories look to be fantastic!  Looking forward to some deboxing time.

Imogen–Fame by Frame

Or…Frame by Frame as I called her initially and had to be corrected.  Frame by Frame would have been the perfect title for this post as I decided to do some redressing and additional photo shoots for the 2012 Fashion Royalty Convention doll Imogen.    I have to completely own up and say when I opened the box at the last nights convention dinner, I was underwhelmed.    The outfits were very modern ( not my general thing) and two out of the three outfits were coral red.  It was all a little one note for me.  I would have preferred a gown or even a swimsuit but not two dresses in the same color.  The doll just wasn’t doing anything for me in the box.  When I flew back home from convention a few weeks ago, this lady was  firmly on my “to sell” pile.  Then, I started seeing photos on flickr that had me rethinking ( yes Shuga…I mean you!).  I decided to debox and play.  I found that my first impression was…WRONG.  I am adoring this one and have endeavored to glam her up a bit for my shots.

Model:  Fame by Frame Imogen

Jacket  and gold top:  Barbie Basics

Purse:  FR Monogram

Jewelry:  Fashion Royalty and Dynamite Girl

Shorts and Shoes:  In the Trenches NuFace outfit


20121011-IMG_0016-Editwmsizedicons copy





20121011-IMG_0018-Editwmsized who here bought this outfit below and could never find a doll that looked good in it??  {{Rebecca raises her hand emphatically}}.  I adore this outfit but could never find anyone who looked good in it…until now.  Apparently the trick is to find a model with a tan!!

Model: Fame By Frame Imogen

Outfit and shoes: “In the Trenches” NuFace outfit




 And because I had to find the right evening look for this lady….I finally found someone who could wear the “Anemone” Christian Louboutin gown.  The oompaloompa doll it came on had to go.  Sorry folks.  I don’t mean to be disrespectful and if you have that doll and adore her…my apologies… me she just looked like a bad spray tanning accident.  Ms. Imogen however, looked fabulous in it!!






If you want to see this lady shine in some urban chicness,  you should visit Shuga’s blog at

Workshop Poppy Parker

One of the many benefits of going to convention is the opportunity to participate in a workshop.  This year I learned how to do some minor face paint adjustments and restyle hair.  I found the workshops both informative and just plain fun.  One of the additional perks of the workshops is that you typically can purchase a special doll to use as practice in these workshops.  I was able to secure a spot in the Poppy Parker hairstyle class with Matt Sutton so I was able to purchase one of the Poppy Parker workshop dolls and I ADORE her.  I did not play with her hair in the class like many of the others because I just felt she was perfect as is.  I liked how Integrity Toys handled the workshops this year as well.  They set up the actual classroom spaces to be first come first serve but made 300 workshop dolls available to those who wished to just purchase the doll.  It seemed like most people were happy with that…if they didn’t get into the class, they could at least get the doll.  I believe most if not all of the extra workshop dolls were available for purchase in the sales room too.  The Poppy Parker workshop dolls sold out first on sales room day ( you lucky dogs at the front of the line!) .    The photos will tell you why Smile

Tropicalia workshop Poppy Parker and Dream Teen Poppy Parker in Envied and Passionate Monogram dresses.  Chair was a gift to all convention attendees.

Note:  You don’t need an elaborate background to have an interesting backdrop.  Sometimes the boxes themselves can be interesting and fun.






Tropicalia…The Inspiration

Every year after convention, there are a few of us ( myself included) who rouse ourselves from the post convention doll hangover and ask the question “ I wonder what fashions inspired this years collection?”.  If you have asked yourself this question, you are in luck.  I was strolling through Flickr the other day and happened upon a fashion super sleuth.  Their Flickr ID is JL998 and they have graciously given me permission to republish their photos here.  Thank you JL998!!  ** for more information on how to see more of their photos see below in this post**

It would appear that this years Tropicalia convention Imogen gift set was inspired by Anthony Vaccarello’s 2012 Spring RTW show.

Tropicalia fashion inspiration 2

Tropicalia fashion inspiration 4Tropicalia fashion inspiration 3

And  Collette and Erin from the convention collection appear to have been inspired by Mr. Vacarello’s designs as well

Tropicalia fashion inspiration 1

Tropicalia fashion inspiration 5

It would also appear, according to JL988’s super detective work, that Prada’s 2012 Spring RTW line was another big influence in this years convention collection.

Tropicalia fashion inspiration 8

Tropicalia fashion inspiration 6

Tropicalia fashion inspiration 7

Tropicalia fashion inspiration 9

Tropicalia fashion inspiration 10

I need to spend more time figuring out how to turn my swimsuits into ball gowns Smile

It also occurs to me that I need to be paying more attention to this years just finished Spring RTW fashion shows!  Perhaps the seeds of next years convention inspiration have already been sewn( pun intended).    For more photos of JL889’s super fashion sleuthing visit their flickr at

Tropicalia Visits the Studio

The convention collection, convention doll and gift set doll are en route to Inside The Fashion Doll Studio but in the mean time…I did have a few dolls that came home with me and I was itching to pull out the camera and try out something the very talented photographer Deron Daniels shared with me at convention.  

From left to right:

Place de Vendome Victoire

Saint Tropez Victoire

Lemon Crush Loni Lawrence

Escapism Elise Jolie FR2

Deck chair was gift given to convention attendees Smile

Tropicalia postcard copy 









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