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Humbled and Grateful

I believe the title says it best for this one.  In my last post I explained that I needed to take a short break to deal with some “curve balls” life had thrown my way.  More like, wicked, MLB curve balls served right over the plate at about 90 mph.  I wrote that blog post mainly to hang up my “Gone Fishing” sign and let readers know I would be gone for a bit.  The comments, support, encouragement and honest human caring that came my way after that post has completely humbled me.  You are all amazing and you have my gratitude.  Your support has really helped me through these hard last couple of weeks.  You have been a rainbow in my cloud .Smile


“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” – Maya Angelou

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Good Intentions, Overestimations and Curve Balls

So…by now you have realized that the whole blogging thing from convention did not happen.  It has been over a week since I have returned home and I have yet to get my first post out about it.  A big part of the reason behind that is that I had no idea how difficult it would be to room sell, get pictures and then post a writeup about it.  I had every intention of doing multiple blog posts a day with pictures showcasing the days events.  See…I really did have “Good Intentions”. 

What I failed to realize ( my “Overestimation” problem) was that I would be very busy with room sales and just attending the events.  I felt good that I could upload photos to my Flickr page fairly regularly and frankly, I could do that while I was sitting at events or sitting waiting for events.  It looks like many of you caught on to that and were at least able to visit my Flickr page to see photos of things.  Thank you for your patience and continued support!

I also need to acknowledge something else that factored and will continue to factor in going forward for the next couple of months.  While at convention, life threw me two heart wrenching and personal curve balls that may require me to take some time away from the blog.  I anticipate being able to get the post convention writeups out and share a few stories about my experience but they may not be out in a timely manner.  I ask for your understanding during this time.  One of my favorite quotes during difficult times is by the indomitable Winston Churchill who said.. “ When you are going through Hell…keep going”   Wise words Mr. Churchill…wise words.


2014 National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention…

…let the madness begin.  By the time this blog entry posts, I will be boarding a series of flights that will take me deep into the heartland of the United States.  The National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention (NBDCC) is gathering collectors from all over the world in Nashville Tennessee this year and I will be there to report and to enjoy.


I am especially excited to go and see old and new friends this year because I missed the big dance last year.  I can’t wait to catch up with everyone.  I will be sharing photos and updates on the blog here and on my Flickr account.  Feel free to follow along.  I will try to do my daily updates but am making no promises as I will also be selling out of my room this year.  Things will most likely be a little crazy for a bit.  Here is the sales flyer for what I have.IMG_8288-Edit_edited-1

Fabulous silk scarves for our diminutive divas.  Perfect for table gifts or as a hostess gift for your table hostess.  The scarf sets come with a 5 inch by 5 inch silk scarf, designer scarf box and little scarf ring to keep it in place. 


Each set is priced at $20.00 with over 40 different designs to choose from.





I will also be selling furniture. 

Barbie convention flyer 2

If you are in Nashville this year, feel free to stop by.  I will post the room number once I get in.  Watch for the ITFDS flyers on the sales boards.  Hope to post my first update tomorrow night.  Smile

Karl Lagerfeld Barbie Announced

WWD announced today that a Karl Lagerfeld Barbie is in the works and set for release later this year.



Hope she won’t be too limited of an edition.  I will be interested to see the actual doll photos.

Poppy Sizzles in Vegas

This year is Poppy Parker’s 5th anniversary and Integrity Toys is certainly showing up to celebrate it.  I shared a photo earlier today of the first exclusive Poppy Parker for IFDC (International Fashion Doll Convention).  Tonight, two additional Poppy Parker dolls were unveiled to much applause.  These were the convention doll and a companion doll that was given to all attendees.  If you are a Poppy Parker fan and chose this year to go to IFDC, you scored a jackpot in Vegas!

** pictures are courtesy of Integrity Toys**


IT Girl
Poppy Parker 5th Anniversary Collection
2014 IFDC Convention Companion Doll
Limited Edition of 300 Dolls

Doll Tech Specs:

Body Type: Poppy Parker Hybrid (w/ High-heeled Foot)
Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Redhead
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied


IT Girl Poppy Parker 1


IT Girl Poppy Parker 2


IT Girl Poppy Parker 3

IT Girl Poppy Parker 4


Glamorous Darling
Poppy Parker 5th Anniversary Collection
2014 IFDC Convention Exclusive Doll
Limited Edition of 300 Dolls

Doll Tech Specs:

Body Type: Poppy Parker Hybrid (w/ High-heeled Foot)
Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Brunette
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied 


Glamorous Darling Poppy Parker 1

Glamorous Darling Poppy Parker 2

Glamorous Darling Poppy Parker 3


Glamorous Darling Poppy Parker 4

The WClub has set aside a very few of these for a lottery so if you are a WClub member, look to your emails for information on how to enter.  I predict these beauties will be hot tickets on the secondary markets.  There is a huge demand for Poppy Parker and quite a few collectors have expressed interest in this newer and more sophisticated Poppy Parker look.  As for me, I may be tempted to enter for the brunette and the redhead.  Adorable!

Poppy is in Vegas!!

And she is all grown up.  Each year the IFDC (International Fashion Doll Convention) holds a fun convention in Las Vegas.  I have never gone but I love seeing the photos of the people who do go and it sure seems like a great event.  The timing never seems to work out for me to go to this one.  Anywhoo, Integrity Toys does a number of dolls for this event and the first IT Direct exclusive for the convention was unveiled yesterday.  It was a bit of a shocker for people as Poppy has never been offered up as an event doll before.  Many Poppy Parker collectors are busy texting convention participants or scrolling through eBay listings to get a hold of this one.



Evening Ingenue
Poppy Parker 5th Anniversary Collection
2014 IFDC IT DIRECT Exclusive

Issue size:  300

Evening Ingenue Poppy Parker 1

They are really pulling out the stops for Poppy’s 5th anniversary.  Apparently, she is on a hybrid body so not the regular Poppy Parker body.  She does not have the ankle joint either.  I am not sure how I feel about this very grown up version of Poppy.  I am happy though for all the attendees of IFDC to have this really exclusive issue.  Very exciting.  I love how IT is mixing things up.  You never really know what you will get at conventions these days.  It keeps us guessing and I like it.

The Allure of Dior

For most fashion lovers, all you have to say is the word Dior, and we are listening.  Dior has been in the headlines of many collector FB pages and blogs recently because of a brand new exhibition in China right now.  It is called Le Petit Théâtre Dior.

Amazing exhibit!


The exhibit is patterned off of the Théâtre de la mode exhibition that opened in Paris in March of 1945.  Théâtre de la mode brought together European design houses to exhibit couture designs on small wire mannequins.  It was done to reinvigorate a flagging fashion industry after World War II.  The current  beautifully constructed Dior exhibit also uses smaller mannequins to display some of Dior’s most famous fashions past and present.  The fact that these are shown in small scale is enough to get me excited about this traveling exhibit ( oh please, please, please bring this one to the States!).  The real bonus is…and here I concur with my friend Rogier who writes the very informative Dutch Barbie World blog…the exquisite sets they have designed for these small recreations.  To a diorama enthusiast, these are pure heaven.  Yes I would be one of those annoying people at this exhibit who simply would NOT move so you could see what was inside the case.  I would need the entire day to commit to memory every detail in every display.  Seriously….I am not kidding.

One of the cornerstones in this new exhibition appears to be the “Miss Dior” gown.  The original “Miss Dior” gown was designed by Christian Dior in 1949



Raf Simons, the current designer for the house of Dior, resurrected this design in his Fall 2012 couture collection and added a more modern spin.

C.Dior Fall 2012 CTR source:

It was used in the ad campaigns for the Miss Dior perfume.



Mr. Simons even designed a black version of the gown



With this new exhibit, Dior has created a small scale version of the iconic gown from 1949 and gave us an absolutely mesmerizing video to show the making of.







Many,  many collectors are just blown away by this gown and are lusting after it for their diminutive diva’s.  Wouldn’t you just love to have this in your collection?  Well…maybe you can….or at least something very close to it.  The talented Hilda of Bellissima Couture will be holding a silent auction for a 1/6 scale replica of the “Miss Dior” gown.  Information about the auction should be on her blog today, June 12th. 

Integrity Toy’s Convention Registration is OPEN






The Theme is “Gloss” and in I.T.’s own words  “This year, we take you to the world of glam, the upper echelon of fashion and fame!”  Oh what does it mean?!  I don’t know but whatever it is…it is sure to be good.  I have been to the last three of I.T.’s annual conventions and they have never disappointed.  I know there is always a first time for everything but frankly, I go to these conventions for the people and not the stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, stuff is nice but the people really are the biggest part of convention.  You get to hang out with people who like to collect what you collect and are willing to talk from morning to night about it.  It is one big fashion doll love fest. 

Admission costs $475.00 ( $450 if you register early, info on the website ).  There are special rates for the hotel as well.  Here are some of the perks awaiting convention goers:

-A welcome bag with a very special giveaway right when conventioneers arrive!

-Two full sit down dinners and a luncheon with highly sought-after swag given out at each event!

-Free access to the new "Hall of Gloss" Friday night event, where guests will spend Halloween night trick-or-treating with I.T. staff (and receive some special giveaway treats)!

-The opportunity to participate in the "Hall of Gloss" Fashion Bazaar, where for the first time in IT Convention history, they are creating a salesroom for collectors to sell and swap their own goodies!

-Access to the Integrity Toys Collection display, where you get to see all of those cool dolls in person!

-Access to the IT Direct Souvenir shop, where you can scoop up all of those special and limited edition Integrity Toys convention exclusive collectibles and other great deals, just for convention attendees!

And more….Halloween costume contest, workshops, exclusive convention collection, Color Infusion Style lab, raffles and design competitions.  Also, for WClub Members only, a WClub luncheon featuring the return of the Nu.Face collection.

If you are interested in finding out more about , You will find all the information about the convention and how to register here  I.T. Convention info

If you want to go to this convention, keep in mind that the sooner you sign up, the better your registration number will be.  What does this mean?  Well, if they do what they did last year ( and I hope they do), your registration number determines the order you get to go into the sales room to purchase all the convention collection goodies. 

Reverence for the Repaint…Part II

Here is the third and final repaint I received from from the amazing repaint artist Jon Copeland.  She was originally a Suite Retreat™ Barbie® Doll.

Suite Retreat


This is what Jon Copeland did with her.  STUNNING!

Gown and Hat:  Bogue’s Vogues

Gloves, shoes and jewelry:  Mattel

Fur:  Dimitha





It’s been a while…

…since I have posted.  For the past month, I have been photographing big dolls on stage as they fly through the air in time to music.


Yes, that’s my dancer daughter in the front.  Proud mama moment.  Now that dance recital season is over with photos processed and on my website available for happy parents to purchase, I can turn my time and energy to other photography projects.  Namely, I can get back to photographing some new acquisitions into the collection.  Before I do that however, I wanted to share something.

As a person who loves images and has an even greater love for capturing images, I enjoy going to Flickr to get inspired.  I am constantly amazed at the wealth of creativity that can be found there.  Yesterday, I saw a photo by a Flickr member whom I follow and who I truly enjoy trading witty comments with.  On Flickr, her name is Malibu T.  I knew she was a talented painter based on the photos she has shared but I was floored by the project she just shared. 

This is what she started with: A Mattel Enchanted Evening Castle

Enchanted Evening Castle source:  Mattel, Inc.

And this is what she did with it:

** all photos below are under Malibu T’s copyright and are being used with her permission**

Malibu T OOAK castle

Malibu T OOAK castle 2

Malibu T OOAK castle 3


Holy cow!!  She has also gone way above and beyond by sharing on her Flickr page how she did this.  If you want to read about it, go here.  Way cool!!

Yes, I know I am behind on responding to comments.  I will be getting to those tomorrow. Smile


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