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IDEX 2012 Reveal–Poppy is a Big Girl Now.

One of the most surprising reveals from Integrity Toys at IDEX was the announcement of a 16 inch line of Poppy Parkers.  They will have the name Poppy Parker Fashion Teen to differentiate them from just plain Poppy Parker who is a 12 inch gal.    They are absolutely gorgeous and I really wished that I collected the larger scale ladies.  Alas…there is no room in the inn for those ladies and even though I am sorely tempted….I must resist.

*** Photos are property of Integrity Toys, Inc. ***

Spring Morning
Poppy Parker Fashion Teen™ Dressed Doll

Suggested Retail Price:$150.00US
Limited Edition Size: 300 Dolls Worldwide

Estimated Delivery date: Late June 2012


web_87001_springmorning_full3 web_87001_springmorning_CU web_87001_springmorning_full2

How cute is she?!  Love a redhead in yellow.

Item# 87002

Shop Around

Poppy Parker Fashion Teen™ Dressed Doll

Suggested Retail Price:$150.00 US
Limited Edition Size: 300 Dolls Worldwide

Estimated Delivery date: Late June 2012


web_87002_shoparound_access web_87002_shoparound_CU web_87002_shoparound_full2

This lovely lady has collectors talking on the boards.  She is a complete hit with her platinum Barbara Edenesque hairdo and jaunty checkered peddle pushers.

Item# 87003

Love Letters

Poppy Parker Fashion Teen™ Dressed Doll

Suggested Retail Price:$150.00US
Limited Edition Size: 300 Dolls Worldwide

Estimated Delivery date: Late June 2012


web_87003_Loveletters_access web_87003_Loveletters_CU web_87003_Loveletters_full2

Love Letters?  Oh no…this is a full on love affair!  Gorgeous!!

Item# 87004

Precious Love

Poppy Parker Fashion Teen™ Dressed Doll

Suggested Retail Price:$150.00US
Limited Edition Size: 300 Dolls Worldwide

Estimated Delivery date: Late June 2012


web_87004_preciouslove_access web_87004_preciouslove_CUweb_87004_preciouslove_full2


Okay…what fashion show is complete without a bride right?  So lovely..and I have a thing for bride dolls.  This one was the most difficult to resist for me.  I dream of seeing a 12 inch Poppy bride doll some day…Mr. Buttry…are you listening?

These ladies are going quickly so if you are at all interested, I suggest you contact your favorite Integrity Toys Dealer today.

One more FR:16 lady was announced at IDEX

Item #78004

Perfect Layout

Freja Mossimo™ Dressed Doll

FR:16™ Collection

Suggested Retail Price:$175.00

Limited Edition Size:350DollsWorldwide

Estimated Delivery date: Late March 2012


web_78004_Freja_access web_78004_Freja_CU2 web_78004_Freja_CU

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IDEX Integrity Toys Reveal–Poppy, Darla and Chip Oh My!

I love Poppy Parker.  I am not afraid to admit it either.  Darla is growing on me and I especially like her new improved face mold.  The tease of Chip was given to us at this years Fashion Royalty convention.  We were looking forward to getting a good look at him since the rumor is ….he is Poppy’s boyfriend.  The Poppy and Chip gift set is absolutely adorable and Miss Darla wows us in her silky blue dress and microphone.

*** Photos are property of Integrity Toys ***

Baby It’s You
Chip Farnsworth III™ and Poppy Parker™ Gift Set

Suggested Retail Price:$150.00
Limited Edition Size: 650 Dolls Worldwide

Estimated Delivery date: Late March 2012


web_PP020_Chip_CU web_PP020_access web_PP020_Poppy_CU


I’m kind of getting an Elvis vibe here too.  LOVE this tuxedo on him and those dapper shoes….Adorable!  Will he be the right man for Poppy??  Time will tell.  Miss Poppy’s face is sooooo beautiful.  I simply adore the coral color of her dress.  Can’t wait to get this set in my hot little hands Winking smile


Moonlight and Kisses
Darla Daley™ Dressed Doll

Suggested Retail Price:$89.00
Limited Edition Size:350 Dolls Worldwide
Estimated Delivery date: Late February 2012


web_PP024_Darla_access web_PP024_Darla_CU

Sooo Beautiful!

IDEX Integrity Toys Reveal–Monograms

I love collecting this line of dolls from Integrity Toys.  I just adore the high fashion haughty faces and the uber chic and stylish clothing.  It looks like 2012 will be off and running with Monograms and I will be jumping on that train.  And even better…these lovely lady’s now have applied lashes.  Diggin’ it!

*** photos are property of Integrity Toys, Inc. ***

FR: Monogram™ Dressed Doll

Suggested Retail Price:$160.00US
Limited Edition Size: 350 Dolls Worldwide

Estimated Delivery date: Late February 2012


WEB_93023_access WEB_93023_CU WEB_93023_full2

I wish we had a view of the back of her head.  The hairstyle looks intricate. Not sure about the mini balloon skirt here but Oh my word that purse and shoes!  LOVE!

Item #93027


FR:Monogram™Dressed Doll
Suggested Retail Price:$160.00US
Limited Edition Size:350 Dolls Worldwide
Estimated Delivery date: Late February 2012


WEB_93027_access WEB_93027_CU WEB_93027_fullalternate

Dreamy!!  Love, love, love the soft color here.

FR: Monogram™ Dressed Doll

Suggested Retail Price:$160.00US
Limited Edition Size: 350 Dolls Worldwide

Estimated Delivery date: Late February 2012


WEB_93028_access WEB_93028_CU WEB_93028_full2

Aaaaaack!!  You had me at the accessories….you had me at the accessories.

FR: Monogram™ Dressed Doll

Suggested Retail Price:$160.00US
Limited Edition Size: 350 Dolls Worldwide

Estimated Delivery date: Late February 2012


WEB_93029_access WEB_93029_CU WEB_93029_full3

Okay…THUD!!  That’s me hitting the floor with this one.  Of course I still kept one hand on the computer as I emailed my dealer in all caps…NEED!

–She will be mine…oh yes…she will be mine.

FR: Monogram™ Dressed Doll

Suggested Retail Price:$160.00US
Limited Edition Size:350 Dolls Worldwide
Estimated Delivery date: Late February 2012


WEB_93030_access WEB_93030_CU WEB_93030_full2

Well hello Ms. Monroe!!  Definitely getting the Marilyn vibe with this one and this haute couture coat  TO DIE FOR.

More to come from IDEX Integrity Toys Reveal……

IDEX Integrity Toys Reveal–Poppy Parker as Sabrina!

Today Integrity Toys revealed a small portion of their 2012 lineup and all I can say is WOWZA!

I guess my biggest squeal moment was the announcement that they will be doing Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina®.  This is an iconic fashion movie that put Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy on the fashion map.  You will see that Givenchy is never credited in the Sabrina movie as the designer of Ms. Hepburn’s exquisite wardrobe.  Edith Head went on to receive the Oscar for this movie even though she did not design the female leads wardrobe.  Let’s face it folks…it’s Sabrina’s wardrobe and the gamine eyes of Audrey Hepburn that carry that movie. I have tremendous respect for Ms. Head’s work but I never understood her willingness to accept the award for that movie.  Not right.   Most accounts state that Monsieur Givenchy was always an extreme gentleman about the whole thing and I guess in the long run…everyone knew those designs were his and not Ms. Heads work so the true credit went to the true owner.  He should have received the award though.  Monsieur Givenchy went on to work with Ms. Hepburn in Funny Face and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Integrity Toys designer David Buttry did the most amazing job in my opinion of bringing these to the 1/6 scale arena.

**Photos are property of Integrity Toys and Paramount Pictures**

Item #14007
Miss Fairchild
Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina®
Dressed Doll

Suggested Retail Price: $125.00 US
Limited Edition Size: 450 Doll Worldwide

Estimated Delivery date: Mid June 2012


web_Sabrina_14007_access web_Sabrina_14007_CUweb_Sabrina_14007_Full2




Item #14008
Isn’t it Romantic?
Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina®
Dressed Doll

Suggested Retail Price: $125.00 US
Limited Edition Size: 450 Dolls Worldwide

Estimated Delivery date: Mid June 2012


web_Sabrina_14008_access web_Sabrina_14008_Full2 web_Sabrina_14008_CU

Amazing!  Classic Iconic gown from this movie and a must have for me.


Item #14009
Most Sophisticated
Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina®
Dressed Doll Gift Set

Suggested Retail Price: $180.00 US
Limited Edition Size: 450 Gift Sets Worldwide

Estimated Delivery date: Mid June 2012


web_Sabrina_14009_access web_Sabrina_14009_Full2 web_Sabrina_14009_CU



web_Sabrina_14009_Full6 web_Sabrina_14009_Full5 web_Sabrina_14009_Full3



Okay…when I saw this gift set, I literally squealed out loud.  This set is an absolute must for me and my collection…would shove my own sister out of the way to grab this one.  Sorry sis.

Item #14010
The Chauffeur’s Daughter
Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina®
Dressed Doll Gift Set

Suggested Retail Price: $150.00 US
Limited Edition Size: 350 Gift Sets Worldwide

Estimated Delivery date: Mid June 2012


web_Sabrina_14010_access web_Sabrina_14010_Full web_Sabrina_14010_Full3



So sweet!  Love the attention to detail in this giftset.  I love the fact that Mr Buttry included the cooking smock with this set.  Brilliant!


As a fan of the movie and an avid collector of Poppy Parker, this entire series is an absolute slam dunk for me.  Mr Buttry…my happy collector heart is full and my sad collector wallet will be empty….. thanks to you.

If you are interested in any of these lovely ladies, I suggest emailing your Integrity Toys dealer ASAP.  These won’t last long.  More to come form Integrity Toy’s IDEX reveal in a few hours.  Winking smile

Empress of Emeralds Elise

Had an idea for a photo shoot when I saw Jon Copeland dress one of his beatiful creations in this gorgeous gown.  I think the Royal Jewel Collection by Mattel resulted in some of the most amazing jewelry for fashion dolls.  I only have Empress of Emeralds but if this is any indication of the quality of jewels in the other dolls of that series….I think I will be searching for them.

Model:  Dark Swan Elise Jolie FR2

Gown and Jewelry:  Empress of Emeralds Barbie

Bracelet:  Fashion Royalty




20120122-IMG_7970editedwmsized 20120122-IMG_7979editedwmsized 20120122-IMG_7955editedwmsized

And…just because I can’t resist adding more drama to a shot….


An Inside Look at Robert Best’s 2012 BFMC World?

Here are a few interesting photos that might give us all a better feel for the direction of the BFMC this year.  They are available at

** Photos are property of Mattel, Inc.**

Here are a few of the shots….

Walking suit sketch

Atelier 1

Atelier 2

Atelier 3

Oh my word!!!  If only one could have this set for their own collection.  I WOULD DIE!  Now….have to figure out how to make my own studio.  Audrey…if you are reading this…can you rustle up a few of those french doors for me??!!  Are the sketches on the little drafting table a clue to something else coming this year?  I swear I see a redhead in a a gold dress.  Wish I could see the details better.  Are there any clues on that clothing rack?  What about the dress the model above is wearing?  Let the speculation begin….and she is off and running folks.

Barbie Fan Club 2012 Registration Begins 2/8

We just finished the registration for Integrity Toy’s WClub so now it is Mattel’s turn.  The Barbie Fan Club has many perks and another active forum of collectors to participate in but…and you know the drill by now…you have to be a member.  One of the lovely things about the BFC is that there is no time limit to sign up.  There is , however, a membership limit.  Their literature states that they will sell 7500 memberships and that is all.   The club doll will also be limited to a specific number and the club doll has sold out the last couple of years.  This year, the BFC has a wonderful lineup of  club exclusive dolls.  The highlight for me is the club doll itself “Afternoon Suit” Barbie.  She is a Silkstone and her suit looks to have been inspired by Dior.  If you are at all interested in the BFC, I would recommend joining early.  My prediction is that this lady will sell out.

** photos are property of Mattel Inc. **


Inspiration?  Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2009


Other dolls in the works for the club are: “Rush of Gold ” and “Holiday Hostess”

Rush of gold is listed as a platinum doll ( get your valium ready!)


Whoever inspired the club doll, my hat is off to them.  LOVE this lady!!!  Will I be buying?  Yep!  As fast as my little keys can hit the keyboard.  Not sure about the doll with her pageboy and bangs hairstyle.  In my experience, this hairstyle on the Silkies rarely comes out as nice as the promo photos but I will be more than happy to be wrong on this.  She has the look of Anna Wintour don’t you think?  Mattel will be releasing additional information on 02/01/2012.   For information now , feel free to go to the Barbie Collector sight or just click on the picture bellow.

BFC membership 2011

Poppy Photo Shoot 2011/2012 Resort Wear Final Look Hot Pink!

Well…you knew it had to end ( I can hear some of you applauding in the background)  For her final look on this photo shoot, Poppy is wearing a new addition from this years Barbie Basic swimsuit line and the color is HOT.  No, I did not pump up the saturation levels on these photos.  The color of this swimsuit is really that vivid…and happens to be one of my favorites…hot pink.

Model:  Sweet Confection Poppy Parker

Swimsuit ,bracelet, shoes and gold bag:  Barbie Basics Collection 003 model 04

Earrings:  BFMC Debut Barbie

Sunglasses:  Fashion Royalty

Hat:  Barbie Basics Collection 003 Look No. 01

Set:  Refer to Poppy Photo Shoot Day 1 blog post


20120113-IMG_7914-Editwmsized 20120113-IMG_7921-Editwmsized 20120113-IMG_7918-Editwmsized


20120113-IMG_7931-Editwmsized  20120113-IMG_7935-Editwmsized

WClub 2012 registration ends January 18th

Just a reminder.  If you have been loving all the Poppy spam these last couple of days, you may want to check out the WClub.  I have been a member for the past 3 years and have never regretted. it.  This year there are three exclusive WClub registration dolls and one is a Poppy.  Can’t wait to get my hot little hands on her. Gorgeous!

For more info on this go to my original blog post here

Or visit the WClub by clicking on the pictures below.


Poppy Photo Shoot 2011/2012 Resort Wear 4

Are you sick of Poppy yet?  Well I’m not so here is more Poppy spam.  Today Poppy is showing us a more muted and refined South Beach look.  Robert Best designed a number of dolls from 2006-2007 called “On Location” Barbies.  The swimsuit in these shots is from “On Location South Beach” Barbie.  All the dolls in that series were fabulous and I still have them.  They came with a swimsuit, sophisticated evening outfit and a more casual day wear look.  What more could you have asked for in a set?  Sadly, he only did four and that was it.  The set was worth it for the clothing alone but the dolls themselves are gorgeous as well.  Here is the link to their photos at the Barbie Collector website:

Model:  Sweet Confection Poppy Parker

Swimsuit:  On Location South Beach Barbie

Shoes: Barbie

Earings: BFMC Debut Silkstone Barbie

Bracelet: Barbie Basics Collection 03 – Look 01

set:  Please refer to Poppy photo shoot day 1


20120112-IMG_7884-Editwmsized  20120112-IMG_7893-Editwmsized



I am really appreciating these sunny shots today.  We have about 6 inches of snow on the ground with more on the way tonight.  This is unusual for the Pacific Northwest in the United States.  We don’t typically get this much snow so close to the ocean.  I’m glad that Poppy is enjoying her time in the sun.  Winking smile

Style Watch…Golden Globes 2012

I love to watch the award shows for the fashions.  I often find myself saying “ What gown would I love to have recreated for my doll collection?”.  It definitely sparks some thinking and dreaming in me.  I know I personally could never pull off any of these gowns because I am all of 5 foot 1 ( always wished I was taller) and don’t have the body of a super model.  I do , however, appreciate that others can wear these fabulous designer creations well.  Here are a few of my favorites from this years Golden Globes.

1.  Kate Beckensale in Roberto Cavali.  She would most likely look good in a burlap sack but here she looks like a princess.  Love the upswept hair, the cuff bracelets, the chandelier earrings and how this gown drapes at the bottom.  LOVE


2.   Jessica Alba in lavender Gucci.  Didn’t she just have a baby?  It’s just not normal to look this good after just having a baby right?  She looks so elegant in this gown.  Love the understated jewelry and cute little clutch to match.  Love, love, love that soft draping train of the skirt.67994836

3.  Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji.  I was definitely into the softer looks of pastels last evening.  One of the best things about Octavia’s look was the gorgeous hair she had.  Soooo lovely.67993452

4. Sophia Vergara in Vera Wang.  Va Va Va Voom!  Love the color, love the cut, love the fact that she kept her hair down and swept to the side.  Love the simple cuffs she wore with it.  Gorgeous!


5.  Viola Davis in Emilio Pucci.  The hair!!  Oh my word the hair!  LOVE.  She looks so elegant but current and hip at the same time.  Loved this whole look from head to toe.67993902

To the stylists that put these looks together, I salute you!

There were a few looks that had me scratching my head last night as well…..

1.  Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackerman.  Tilda honey….we love you and you are incredibly talented.  What is with the hairstyle here??  Are we doing a tribute to David Bowie?  It’s one heck of a tribute…just doesn’t work with the gown.  Love the color and cut of the gown…with the haircut?….not so much.


2.  Meryl Streep in  vintage Jeager ( yeah…had to look that one up too…didn’t know it).  Again, enormously talented lady but I feel like she will be donning a pair of jeans and hitting the rodeo later.67995520

3.   Missi Pyle, in Junko Yoshioka.  Okay…where to start here…  Could it be the color?  Yellow is a hard color to pull off by anyone but dirty yellow on a blond??? Near impossible to look good in that color.  Now, the dress itself..I think I saw that..wait..I think I wore that to a 1980’s prom.  Is there really a chiffon rosette at her waist?  Beautiful, Beautiful girl with lovely hair…needed a different dress.67993357

For more fashion photos and information on last nights Golden Globes, feel free to visit

Poppy Photo Shoot 2011/2012 Resort Wear 3

Today Poppy is gracing the patio with some Palm Beach style.  Beautiful Tan, vivid color and a touch of bling…or maybe more than a touch.

Model:  Sweet Confection Poppy Parker

Swimsuit and cover up:  Mattel BFMC Palm Beach Swimsuit Barbie

Earrings:  Mattel BFMC Debut Barbie

Sunglasses:  Mattel Barbie Basics Look 01- Collection 003 (

Shoes:  Barbie ( have no idea what set these orange slides came from   )

Set:  refer to Poppy Photo Shoot 1 blog post





Poppy Photo Shoot–2011/2012 Resort Wear 2

Yipeee!!  Color profile fiasco problem from yesterday has been fixed..and can I just say I HATE it when a program I use almost every day decides to up and change a color profile on me…out of the blue.  Naughty, naughty Adobe Lightroom.  I sent it to it’s room without dinner.  Great…watch it get all cranky on me and really rebel.  Alright, I really do digress…on to the photos.

Today Poppy is showing us her second look for lounging by the pool.  A definite Italian flare here.

Model:  Sweet Confection Poppy Parker

Swimsuit:  On Location Barcelona Barbie

Shoes and hat:  Look 01 Barbie Basics collection 03 (

Sunglasses: Fashion Royalty

Earrings: Sweet Confection Poppy Parker




Note about today’s post

For some reason….my blog writer program is changing the color profile on all the smaller size photos on todays blog.  Can’t for the life of me figure that one out.  I will be posting the photos on Flickr as well so feel free to check there for the “better” photos.  Weird….if I post the full size original not problem….if I post a smaller version, they turn out all muddy.  Guess who will be debugging tonight Winking smile

Poppy Photo Shoot–2011/2012 Resort Wear 1

As many of my fellow collector enthusiasts and photographers know, building  miniature sets for photo shoots is not the easiest thing to do.  It can be incredibly frustrating if the picture in your head does not match the diorama that is unfolding in front of you( not to mention everything falls over with the  slightest movement…I wish I could tell you how many times I had to reset the Re-ment pieces on the table….lost count after 5).  There have been countless times where I had to scrap an idea and come up with something completely different because it just would not come together.  Then…other times it just comes together so easily…a piece here, a piece there..oh I think I have this and it would look great there…kind of thing.  I love it when everything just kind of comes together.   Also, and I don’t know if anyone else does this but, when I set up a diorama for a photo shoot there is a story in my head as I build the scene.  The more elaborate the diorama, the more elaborate the story in my head.

Typically, as day after day runs the seemingly unending gauntlet of rain, rain and more rain during January in the Pacific Northwest, my mind will stray towards sunnier places and luxurious vacation spots.  That was definitely the thought process behind this set and the next couple of sets of photos.  The story in my head had Poppy vacationing in the beautiful south of France.  She is on a patio of some palatial villa overlooking the stunning unique blue of the Mediterranean Sea.  There is a pool just off camera and Poppy is relaxing in the sun just before breakfast.  Oh the life!  And that is one of the beauties behind the photos for me and one of the reasons I enjoy photographing these miniature diva’s so much.  I will most likely never vacation in a palatial villa in the south of France….but Miss Poppy can….and that is better than nothing. Winking smile

Okay guys….no more musings from “How Rebecca beats the winter time blah’s”  On to the photos……….

Model :  Sweet Confection Poppy Parker and her amazing tan!

Swimsuit:  Dressmaker Details “ Aloha Kalakoa”  ( available here )

Sunglasses:  Mattel Barbie Basics 3.0 swimsuit accessory set

Earings:  Sweet Confection Poppy Parker

Set:  Table is stone urn found at local shop with acrylic circle on top.  Chase lounge is gift given at 2011 GAW..found this one at Barbiecon 2011.  Little table next to chase is white Ikea vase with small acrylic disk on top.  Pink orchid is a magnet ( back is flat but you can never see it from photos).  Food and serving pieces on the table are all Re-ment.  White chairs are from a Barbie set from years ago…forget name.  Railing is Buyer’s Choice.  Umbrella is battenburg lace doll umbrella..found at a doll show.  Stone urn umbrella is in found at flea market. Greenery is from all over really.  Patio flooring is miniature paper flooring.  Towels and water bottle on table are from Silkstone Spa set.  Bracelet on table is Ms. Poppy’s original one.  Magazines on table came with new Barbie Basics swimsuit accessory set.  Pink pillows on chairs were made by the talented Maryann Roy (








2011/2012 Resort Wear continued tomorrow……

Twilight …The Wedding dolls

Okay…so you knew it was coming right?  With the success of the previous Twilight dolls you knew that Mattel was not going to let this cash cow go without coming out with the wedding set right?  Well, if you have been anticipating this set, your  waiting is almost over.  Rumor on the street is that Bella and Edward in their wedding finery are indeed being produced and someone has sneaked some photos.  Keep in mind that Mattel has not officially given it’s blessing on these dolls but here is what is RUMORED to be going on.

When:  One source lists February as release date but again….RUMOR

Price:  Rumored to be $29.95 for each…not a set people….each.

There are some indications that another Jacob is coming out too….time will tell.





Will definitely be getting these guys for the clothing alone.  Love Edwards tux but the doll…MEH.  Bella is beautiful if she comes out looking like the prototype here.   The Carolina Herrera designed gown for the movie was so simple and successfully crossed into the uber chic and elegant category..IMO.  I hope the actual gown looks as good as the promo shots.  Already thinking of plans for a photoshoot……..

** picture is of Alfred Angelo knockoff**  pretty good representation if you ask me Winking smile

Grace Kelly Barbie and Bellissima Couture

Model:  Grace Kelly Bride Silkstone

Gown:  Bellissima Couture (

Shoes:  Louboutin shoe pack by Mattel

Poodle:  Randall Craig

Chair: Pure Dream (

Bottle Brush Tree:  Bethany Lowe trees

**note**  tree is sitting on stone urn.  Urn does not come with the tree.  I found that at a little craft shop close to my house.





The Kardashian sisters as Barbies? Say it ain’t so!

Okay….let’s preface this by saying there has been NO OFFICIAL WORD from Mattel on whether or not this is true.  This could indeed just be some sort of PR test balloon Mattel is sending up to see what kind of market is out there for this.  Just the thought of it though is enough to get my undies in a bunch (and believe me folks….that just doesn’t happen every day! LOL!).  Normally I put myself in the very liberal category when it comes to doll design.  I mean when Toki Doki Barbie came out, I was just fine with the pink hair, tattoos and the leopard leggings.  It was a fashion statement and, in my opinion, did not constitute a negative reflection on the image of Barbie as a whole.  This, however, is different.

If this rumor is true and Mattel has partnered with this reality TV family of questionable morals (hey folks…I’m not making a judgment…it’s all out there for you to see every week if you are so inclined…I’m not), I think it will definitely put a serious dent in Barbie’s image.  I realize that the wording out there says that these dolls will be imaged as “Barbie’s friends” and not Barbie herself.  I even have a problem with that because frankly…these are girls I would not want my daughter hanging with. I don’t want my Barbie hanging with them either.  It’s such a puzzle to me because I can think of a many, many other  more suitable options for “Barbie’s friends’ than these profanity-slinging, sex-tape-starring, marrying-a-guy-as-a-publicity-stunt-then-divorcing-him-a-month-later kind of people. Is this really where doll design at Mattel is going for inspiration? The dank and sordid halls of reality TV? Just the thought makes me want to wash my hands….EWWWWWW!  It leaves me with the question….will we also be seeing Lindsay Lohan rehab #4 Barbie or a Charlie Sheen “I am a god” Ken?  Sorry Mattel…you have me scratching my head on this one.  Please tell us all that it is not true.

….and now back to our regularly scheduled content….Rebecca Rant is over….for now.


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